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"This is the Way, walk ye in it...."
---  Isaiah 30:21

“Life is a form of worship when we know who and what we are.”  
---  Thomas Hora, M.D.
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What is The MetaWay?
The MetaWay™ is the Way of Existential
Metapsychiatry (“EM”).  Metapsychiatry was
founded by path-breaking psychiatrist and
compassionate iconoclast, Thomas Hora.  It is a
spiritual teaching that views mankind solely in a
metaphysical context – that is, in the context of
God – and consciousness as the sole reality in the
context of Cosmic Consciousness.

"God cannot be known without man — God and
His [Its] creation are one”
–Thomas Hora, M.D.

The MetaWay sees God as a wholly benevolent
Force, a Principle of Infinite Goodness, Perfect
Love and Supreme Intelligence, which can lift an
individual out of the limitations of the human
perspective in which he normally sees himself and
others, in order to live a peaceful, inspired,
harmonious life and to come to know and realize
his divine identity and potential.   

The work of The MetaWay sheds light on wisdom
teachings through the ages, drawing on the
enlightened ideas of the Buddha and ancient
scriptures, the puzzling koans of Zen Masters, the
insights and direct revelations of  Old Testament
Prophets, and the teachings of Jesus Christ,
whose illumined life is seen as our template,
a Way-Show-er for all of humanity.   

The MetaWay exists to answer questions about our
worldly experiences, individually and collectively, to
alleviate the suffering and distress of the human
condition through spiritual understanding, directing
individuals to a unique methodology and system of
thought which is designed to liberate us from the
darkness of universal ignorance and which can,
ultimately, heal us — physically, psychologically,
emotionally and experientially.   

The goal of the Meta work is enlightenment and the
liberation it bestows.  It endeavors to disentangle
us from the struggles we experience in the human
condition in order to come to know a transcendent
existence. It accomplishes this holy process of
spiritualization through a gradual purification and
transformation of consciousness and its contents.
Through study, meditation and prayer, insight and
dialogue, individuals can be led to a new
awareness; a by-product of this new awareness is
a resurrected experience.  

The MetaWay is not a religion or a science.  
It is a teaching that offers a Way of Life which is
transdenominational and transcendent.  It helps us
to see and realize the eternal and indestructible
nature of real Life, gently preparing us to meet the
“deathless death” and “shuffle off this mortal coil”
(Shakespeare), peacefully and gracefully in an
awakened trust, when that inevitable time arrives.
Who Teaches The MetaWay?
Susan von Reichenbach is
a spiritual guide, writer and
teacher, whose work is
centered in Metapsychiatry
and The MetaWay.  The
goal of The MetaWay is
enlightenment—to guide
individuals to the realization
of the purpose of the
human journey and,
thereby, to know the joyous
fulfillment of our individual divine potential and the
harmonious existence this understanding offers us in
the here and now.  

Susan has enjoyed an international career as an opera
and concert
singer and has performed in many of the
world’s great opera houses and concert halls to
enthusiastic and critical acclaim.  During these years of
performing and travel, she was studying Metapsychiatry
with its founder, Thomas Hora. Dr. Hora was a seminal
thinker, a pioneering researcher in consciousness and
metaphysics, in a practice that spanned over fifty years
until his passing in 1995.  As her longtime mentor and
teacher, Dr. Hora inspired and encouraged her to
counsel and teach  Metapsychiatry’s transformational
approach to healing.

“A disciple is not above her teacher…it is enough for a disciple to
[endeavor to] be like her teacher”
 (MT10: 24).

Susan edited Dr. Hora's posthumously published book,
a collection of dialogues entitled,
One Mind, and she
has written various articles and published two books
about Metapsychiatry's unique system of thought, its
redemptive ideas, inspired insights, and its Prayers and
Principles, calling these
MetaBooks. Fusing her
knowledge of music and experience in a musical career-
path with her deep interest in Metapsychiatry, Susan
has given talks examining the sacred purpose of music
and its healing power, tracing it from its early
appearance in the Vedic Scriptures to present day
super-string theory, incorporating, as well, the fruits of
her dialogues with Dr. Hora about the divine nature of
singing and of song.

Susan calls her work The MetaWay™and offers spiritual
guidance in person and by telephone, conducts classes
and leads workshops.  She brings the compassionate
wisdom of The MetaWay to a prison ministry at a
Connecticut state correctional institution, where she
teaches receptive inmates. She also presents concerts
at Hospice where she uses the song platform to teach
that real Life is unstoppable -- a "Cosmic Song"  --  an
"unbroken wholeness in flowing movement"
David Bohm)
from which we can never be separated and
which is uninterrupted by the experience of dying.   

Susan graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where
her studies with Joseph Campbell, an earlier mentor
(author of
The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Power
of Myth
, and other treatises on mythology), gave her a
foundation in cultivating insight into the meaning of
myths, metaphors and parables and helped her to
discern archetypal ideas operating in the race
consciousness, thus awakening in her an interest to
“see” and interpret the “unseen.”
The MetaWay™ Mission
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The MetaWay
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Old Lyme, CT 06371
"Man's extremity is God's opportunity."
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

"There is not God and man ... there is only
God and man as its Expression."
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

"We are all other Christs."
--  Meister Eckhardt

“Every individual is an infinite
consciousness in the Infinite Divine
Consciousness, and all that is needed
comes from that Consciousness.”
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

“Everything depends upon the thoughts we
 --  Thomas Hora, M.D.

“To straighten the crooked, you must first do
a harder thing — straighten yourself.”
--  Buddha

"The body is a sermon in the flesh, giving us
messages about our thoughts."
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

“For as in Adam [in the world’s dualistic
thought system] all die, so in Christ [in the
spitirual thought system] shall all live.”
--  I COR. 15:22

“God did not create a perfect world—God
created a perfect Spiritual Universe.”  
-- Thomas Hora, M.D.

“Let us live in the humble expectancy of a
perfect Universe gradually revealing Itself to
us, until we know and see everything as it
really is.”
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

“Truth is not visible, yet it can be clearly
--  Thomas Hora, M.D.

“You can know the Truth because the Truth
 --  Buddha  

“If you want to see the Truth, then
contemplate that all phenomena are lies.”
--  Zen

“When you discard the false, you will have
room for the true…the Way to Life opens
without effort.”
 --  Tao Te Ching

“The world vanishes, but God remains.”
-- Rumi

“There’s nobody here but God.”   
--  Thomas Hora, M.D
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