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the MetaWay
Metatations™ on Metapsychiatry
The MetaWay of Metapsychiatry ~  All-Day Retreats
Facilitated by Susan von Reichenbach
Viewing mankind and the universe in a metaphysical context, we
will explore the idea that consciousness is the sole reality ~ where
all our problems find their source and their solution: “Nothing can
exist in the body or out of the body that is not [first] in
consciousness. If we want to be healed when problems, difficulties
or sickness arise, then consciousness has to be brought to an
awareness of its perfect harmony in God. God is our Life, and
there is no other Life but that One — and that Life is perfect
always.”  (Thomas Hora, MD, Founder of Metapsychiatry)

All “seekers and finders” are welcome. For reservations, please
send check or money order payable to Susan von Reichenbach,
P.O. Box 1024, Old Lyme, CT 06371.
Registration fees of $65 must be received by
Friday, November 6, 2015.

For inquiries or questions:
email Susan at
susan@theMetaWay.com or
contact by telephone at 860.405.4044.
The MetaWay of Metapsychiatry's Next Retreat  
Saturday, November 14, 2015
10:00 am ~ 4:00 pm

At Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT, USA (directions)
Registration fee $65 per retreat (includes a divine lunch)

Reservations must be received by Friday, November 6, 2015
For reservations, please send check or money order payable to
Susan von Reichenbach, P.O. Box 1024, Old Lyme, CT 06371

For inquiries or questions:
email Susan at
susan@theMetaWay.com or call  860.405.4044.

This beautifully renovated and comfortably appointed
old Connecticut Country Inn, aptly named for a poem
by Rumi (click
here to read) is surrounded by woods,
hiking trails and natural beauty, offering a perfect
setting for contemplation and realization of spiritual
ideas.  It is also close to many lovely villages on
the water and historical and cultural points of interest.

If you would like to explore the area ~ to hike, walk the
beaches, visit waterways, museums, local shops and
restaurants ~ or just enjoy a weekend getaway,
TheMetaWay will furnish a list of local inns or motels
where visitors could stay overnight if they so choose. Guest House also offers
limited room availability for that weekend. Email
metaway@theMetaWay.com or
watch the Website for more information.
 Visit the Guest House website for
directions by car, train or plane.
Guest House Website: guesthousecenter.org
Guest House Telephone: 860.322.5770
Guest House Address: 318 West Main Street, Chester, CT 06412
For any special needs, please contact: Susan von Reichenbach at
susan@themetaway.com or by telephone at 860.405.4044.

The MetaWay~All Day Retreats will make use of Dr. Hora’s
comprehensive quotation as the centerpiece of their Gatherings.  
In the Meta process, this quotation serves as a launching pad that
invites us to define consciousness and to see, first and foremost,
we are each “an infinite consciousness in the Infinite Divine
Consciousness and all that is needed comes from that
Consciousness” (Dr. Hora).  In this context, our life and divine
identity are eternal and indestructible.  “End and beginning are
dreams….” (Bhagavad Gita—500 BC).  

The central quotation of the Metatations' Retreats invites us to be
aware of the Law of Correspondence and the tendency of
thoughts to take visible form as our experience; to understand that
we live in a dualistic and imperfect worldly thought-system
simultaneously with a nondual and spiritual thought system, which
is always perfect, and to come to be able to discern the difference
between the real one and the illusory one; to see the dynamic of
healing through spiritual understanding as we are able to cleanse
our consciousness of troublesome worldly thought patterns and
align it with the Divine Thought-System where all solutions lie; to
discuss what constitutes effective prayer and grasp its inherent
power to bring healing and harmony to our experiences and
sicknesses; to be guided to knowledge of the Invisible Perfection
of the Infinite Life which allows for  peace and assurance to
replace our worries, anxieties and fears; to offer spiritually mature
concepts of God, of Divine Reality, the Absolute, and a new
vocabulary to help us discern more clearly Its Immanent nature
and Its Infinite Goodness, so that we can trust It, lean on It, and
benefit from Its Presence and Its Guidance, becoming habituated
to dwelling in Its Perfect Life and enjoy the “good fruits” of this

During Retreat Days, we will examine and elucidate the thought-
system and unique methodology of Metapsychiatry as
Dr. Hora taught it. It will endeavor to help us overcome the
problems, difficulties and sicknesses we experience in the human
passage, in order to be able to realize our already-existing
Oneness in God and the redemption and freedom it bestows on
us, as well as its by-products: an overall experience of well-being
and fulfillment and an harmonious quality of existence in the here
and now.  The Meta approach is health-promoting and life-
enhancing. It will address our universally experienced concerns
through dialogue and open-minded receptivity to new perspectives.

The intention of The MetaWay Retreats is to awaken us all to
higher frequencies of awareness, unabashedly and irreverently
looking at what is real and what is illusion, what is finite and what is
Infinite, what is transient and what is eternal.  The more
enlightened we can become through living in a spiritualized
thought-system, the more free we become of the limitations which
the ignorance of the worldly thought-systems impose on us and
the confusion and infirmities they create in our lives — and the
more palpable the possibility that we can live beyond the dream.
2015 RETREAT VII -- Through the Meta Lens

Arrive & Settle In:  Pick up coffee or tea and fruit in the
dining room on your way to the Meeting Room, greet fellow
participants & settle in.

Presentations, Dialogue, Lunch

Metapsychiatry calls itself an "epistemological method
of truth-realization." The central epistemological issue
in Meta is always:
"How can we know something is true?
And do we really know what we know, or do we just
know about it?"
Epistemology aims at liberating us from
the miseducation from which most of us universally
suffer. It identifies our human mental constructs and the
false belief systems that mostly govern our
consciousness and points us to see beyond them in
order to realize existential truths that ultimately lead us
to a transcendent perspective, healing, and an
enhanced and enlightened quality of life. "Only true
knowledge [truth] heals" (Hora). Meta offers us the
Principle of Existential Validation whereby we can know
if something is true.

Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge,
especially with reference to its limitations and validity.
Examining our thoughts and their demonstration as our
experiences (Principle #7), we become aware of the
content of our consciousness and are thereby able to
discern the validity and quality of the thoughts we
entertain. “For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”
(Pro 23:7) aptly sums up this process. Meta's goal in
investigating the processes of the mind is the
attainment of wholeness. The epistemological process
leads us to cleanse and spiritualize our consciousness.  
Jesus said: "You shall know the truth, and the truth
shall set you free" (Jn 8:32).

After a brief introduction to epistemology and how it is
applied in the study of Metapsychiatry, the participants
are invited to design the content of this Retreat by
speaking their questions, concerns, or any relevant
spiritual ideas they might be drawn to share, which will
open up dialogues and elicit clarifications or corrections
from the Metapsychiatric perspective with the intention
of establishing an existentially valid viewpoint on
whatever issues might come up for discussion.
9:30 ~ 10:00

10:00 ~ 4:00
Susan von Reichenbach is a spiritual
guide, writer and teacher, whose work
is centered in Metapsychiatry and
The MetaWay. The goal of The
MetaWay is enlightenment — to guide
individuals to the realization of the
purpose of the human journey and,
thereby, to know the joyous fulfillment
of our individual divine potential and
the harmonious existence this
understanding offers us in the here and
Susan has enjoyed an international career as an opera and
singer and has performed in many of the world’s great
opera houses and concert halls to enthusiastic and critical acclaim.  
During these years of performing and travel, she was studying
Metapsychiatry with its founder, Thomas Hora. Dr. Hora was a
seminal thinker, a pioneering researcher in consciousness and
metaphysics, in a practice that spanned over fifty years until his
passing in 1995.  As her longtime mentor and spiritual teacher, Dr.
Hora inspired and encouraged her to counsel and teach  
Metapsychiatry’s transformational approach to healing.

“A disciple is not above her teacher…it is enough for a disciple to [endeavor to]
be like her teacher”
 (MT10: 24).

Since editing Dr. Hora's posthumously published book, a collection
of dialogues entitled,
One Mind, she has written various articles
and published two books about Metapsychiatry's unique system of
thought, its redemptive ideas, inspired insights, and its Prayers and
Principles, calling these
MetaBooks. Fusing her knowledge of music
and experience in a musical career-path with her deep interest in
Metapsychiatry, Susan gives Lecture/Performances examining the
sacred purpose of music and its healing power, tracing it from its
early appearance in the Vedic Scriptures to present day super-
string theory, incorporating, as well, the fruits of her dialogues with
Dr. Hora about the divine nature of song and of singing.

Offering spiritual guidance in person or by telephone,
facilitating classes and leading workshops, Susan calls her
The MetaWay.  Susan brings the compassionate wisdom of
this metaphysical approach to a prison ministry at a Connecticut
state correctional institution, where she teaches receptive inmates.
She also presents concerts at Hospice where she uses the song
platform to teach that real Life is unstoppable  —  a "Cosmic Song"  
—  an "unbroken wholeness in flowing movement"
(physicist David
from which we can never be separated and which is
uninterrupted by the experience of dying.   

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Susan is grateful to have
had the opportunity for tutorial studies with Joseph Campbell, an
earlier and influential mentor (author of
The Hero with a Thousand
, The Power of Myth, and other treatises on mythology),
which gave her a foundation in cultivating insight into the meaning
of myths, metaphors and parables and helped her to discern
archetypal ideas operating in the race consciousness, thus
awakening in her an interest to “see” and interpret the “unseen.”
November 14


The MetaWay of Metapsychiatry announces its next all-day
Retreat, "
Consciousness is the Sole Reality VI: "Through
the Meta Lens
" on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 10-4 at the
beautiful Guest House Retreat Center in Chester, CT.

"Nothing can exist in the body or out of the body that is not first in
consciousness. If we want to be healed when problems,
difficulties, or sickness arise, then consciousness has to be
brought to an awareness of its perfect harmony in God. God IS
our Life, and there is no other Life but that One — and that Life
is perfect always."
(Thomas Hora, MD, founder of Metapsychiatry)

Viewing problems, difficulties, and sickness through the
enlightened lens of Metapsychiatry's wisdom and thought system,
illuminating both human and divine issues, as it does, we will
humbly and gratefully seek a deepening understanding of the
meaning of our tribulations in their many distressing forms. All
problems and sicknesses are the out-picturing of human
dynamics and laws and have nothing to do with "God's Will." The
Meta Lens leads us to realize how important it is that we see the
message in the problem, sickness, or difficulty we are
experiencing, individually and globally, so we can be guided to
the way for it to be harmonized or healed in consciousness and
thereby to grasp its built-in "blessing," which is, specifically, to
point us to uncover some aspect of the "Truth that sets us free."

Metapsychiatry is an
"iconoclastic teaching" (Hora) designed "to
destroy the world completely"
— that is, to destroy the ideas in
consciousness that constitute the world we inhabit —
"so that the
Omnipresence of God may become clear

If the world's imperfect perspective is examined and gradually
obliterated, we may be able to perceive with more clarity the
Perfection of Divine Reality, the Infinite Goodness that God is,
the eternal and indestructible nature of spiritual Life and our
eternal and indestructible place in It. The phenomenal world has
hypnotized us into believing lies, lies that perpetuate myths,
misperceptions, and mistakes, lies that keep our vision veiled
and thus obfuscate our ability to see the Truth that is hidden by
them. The ancient Taoist text sums it up thus:
"When you discard
the false, you will have room for the true."

Our aim in this retreat is to disabuse us of ideas from the worldly
thought system that limit us and interfere with our experiencing
Harmony and the "good of God, which is spiritual blessedness,"
ideas that rob us of the ability to come to know our divine
Christlike potential and inner spiritual power.   

The participants are encouraged to ask questions regarding
issues they find difficult to comprehend (individual or global), so
that Metapsychiatry may help us to separate the worldly
influences from the Truth of Divine Reality and guide us toward
metaphysical solutions that will enable us to "overcome the world"
and ascend into an enlightened awareness.

"If you want to know the Truth, then contemplate that all
phenomena are lies."

"Phenomena falsify the true nature of Reality." (Thomas Hora)

"The understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to
(10th Principle of Metapsychiatry).

Registration fee for the day, including warm drinks throughout
and a "divine" lunch, is $60. Fees must be received no later than
Friday, March 13th, 2015. All seekers are welcome.

Please feel free to email or call Susan (860.405.4044) with any

To view the contents of previous retreats, click
“Nothing can exist in the body or out of the body that is not
[first] in consciousness. If we want to be healed when
problems, difficulties or sickness arise, then consciousness
has to be brought to an awareness of its perfect harmony in
God. God is our Life, and there is no other Life but that One —
and that Life is perfect always.”  (Dr. Hora)
All Seekers are Welcome
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Click here to see prior MetaWay Retreat Topics and Events.
The MetaWay of Metapsychiatry's next Retreat is scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2015
at Guest House in Chester, CT.  Our topic will be
"Through the Meta Lens: What is Epistemology and How Does Metapsychiatry Apply It to Help Us See the Unseen?"