God helps those who let Him.  

The way to allow God to help us is to turn our interest away from our problem or
difficulty (and “bracket” it, which means to set it temporarily aside and not “think” or
worry about it) and to see clearly our at-one-ment with divine Mind.*  God asks only
for our complete attention. Letting God be God (in your own life or another’s) is the
supreme prayer. If we are not interested in what is existentially valid, ignoring what is
healthy, intelligent and good, then we do not benefit from the presence of God. God’
s value system and nondual goodness is not available to us and cannot help us if we
are ignoring it. It is living as if we were apart from God’s domain. Our problems, and
the interaction surrounding them, distract us from benefiting from the presence of
God, from seeing ourselves in the context of God which is infinite, and keep us
focused on the problem which is finite. And if we are vain and think we can solve our
problems, we are too proud to let God help. Self-reliance (or other-reliance) must be
replaced by God-reliance. God-reliance involves awareness, the awareness of
“letting” – “letting” is what we allow to happen when we are consciously aware that
God is the only power and is always in control, regardless of appearances to the
contrary. “Letting” cannot be “done” by us, only letting go. When we have a difficulty
which is not being resolved, we have to admit that we do not know what to do and
give up the tendency to pray for solutions to our problem. It is a futile exercise –
praying for solutions is praying to the problem. What is needed is to expand the
limited way in which we see ourselves, to rearrange our life, so that it includes
omniactive Love-Intelligence and, by doing so, to lose awareness of the problem.
We must become still and let God’s thoughts reach us. “Man’s extremity is God’s
opportunity” (Thomas Hora). The practice of “mind-fasting” lets God enter and help
us: we have to “fast” from all calculative thinking, “fast” from fear, anxiousness and
worried mental agonizing. We must drop the mental clutter around the disturbance
and completely involve ourselves with the truth-of-being as unconditional goodness
and love, so that a healing can occur. But we must understand that we are to seek
the presence of God with no strings attached, with no outcome in mind, trusting
steadfastly in divine benevolence. The solution to every problem – whether physical,
emotional, financial, personal or collective – is to find our peace in God, to realize
some aspect of oneness with infinite Reality. We must lift consciousness above the
distress and “let” the supremely intelligent organizing Power of the Universe rush in
and restore the situation to Perfection. No matter how desperate things might seem
to be, goodness is the reality of things.  Contemplating Principle #10 of
Metapsychiatry (
“The understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be”)
will facilitate the actualization of Principle #5.
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* The practice of  “bracketing” includes “mind-fasting”:  we put any distracting or  
disturbing thoughts aside in “brackets,” and we “fast” from thinking about them while
we listen to God.
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