Thomas Hora, M.D., the founder and guiding light of Metapsychiatry until he departed
this world in 1995, was a renowned psychiatrist who was inspired to go beyond
conventional medical practices to find healing of illnesses, mental disorders, problems
and difficulties. Having observed that traditional forms of treatment did not always make
a patient well, Dr. Hora explored spiritually enlightened teachings in depth to uncover the
knowledge that lay within them that could bring wholeness and healing to those who
sought his help. Dr. Hora discovered a system of thought and a methodology to
accomplish this process. The fruition of his quest is the teaching he called
“Metapsychiatry” (literally, “beyond psychiatry”).

Thomas Hora was born in 1914 in Northern Hungary and received his medical degrees
from the “Royal Hungarian University” in Budapest and from Charles University in
Prague. In 1945, he and his German wife immigrated to the United States where he
subsequently received his psychoanalytic training from the Postgraduate Center for
Mental Health in New York and went on to establish private practices in New York City
and Westchester County, New York. His practice in New York spanned close to fifty
years. In the years until 1967, Dr. Hora was active in psychiatric circles in the United
States and in Europe, delivering over forty lectures and publishing an equal number of
articles. In 1958, in recognition of his contribution to the field, he received the first Karen
Horney Award for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis. During these years, his spiritual
search was in full bloom.

After 1967, Dr. Hora withdrew from participation in professional societies and focused all
of his time and attention on his evolving Metapsychiatric practice. He gradually
transcended a traditional psychiatric approach to healing, since his work was clearly
demonstrating that the solutions to all problems – mental, physical and experiential –
were to be found in the realm of the spiritual. Metapsychiatry is based on a metaphysical
concept of man/woman, seen wholly in the context of Divine Love-Intelligence, the
Absolute Reality. The thrust of Dr. Hora’s healing work, thus,  moved from a human
context to one whose paramount reality was the essentially divine nature of his patients
(or, as he called them, “students”). He called himself a spiritual guide. His work, being
transdenominational, drew students from throughout the world – Protestants, Catholics,
Jews, Buddhists and non-religious individuals – many of whom studied with him for fifteen
to twenty years or more. In addition, he supervised the work of therapists and
counselors; some of his students became counselors and teachers. Dr. Hora was still
teaching until a week before his passing. He left a legacy of grateful students and
authored several books; many of the tapes which recorded his class sessions have been
transcribed by his students and published as books on various subjects. In addition,
there is an audio library of class and seminar tapes available for a fuller study of the
teaching. The knowledge in these tapes, and in the books which are transcribed from
them, bear witness to the brilliant perceptions of this keen observer of the human
condition and invite us to be lifted up to a new and enlightened awareness by the divine
wisdom that flowed with such clarity through Dr. Hora’s receptive consciousness and
which is so powerfully articulated in this teaching.

Metapsychiatry springs from the spiritual teachings of Jesus, the Buddha and the Tao,
plumbs the wisdom of Zen masters and Hebrew prophets, and illuminates the insights of
mystics, seekers and philosophers throughout the ages, fusing them into an unusually
inspired wholeness, while simultaneously infusing them with fresh understanding. In Dr.
Hora’s own words, “
Metapsychiatry came into the world to put soul into psychiatry and to
breathe the life of Spirit into the ‘valley of dry bones’
” (Ez, 37:1-6).
What is Metapsychiatry?
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