Metapsychiatry (“beyond” psychiatry).

Metapsychiatry is a spiritual teaching, founded by New York
psychiatrist Thomas Hora, a pioneer researcher into consciousness,
whose work transcended traditional psychiatry.  It is based on a
metaphysical concept of man/woman, seen wholly in the context of the
Divine Creator, and draws liberally on the teachings of the Christ, the
Buddha, zen masters and the wisdom of mystics and philosophers of
all ages, as well as the discoveries of quantum physics, to illuminate its
unique approach to the realization of our already-existing wholeness.

This teaching is concerned with exploring ideas which substantiate the
realm of consciousness as the only reality, the instrument of our
enlightenment through which the healing of our bodies, experiences
and relationships can occur, individually and collectively. The body is
the vehicle of consciousness and, as such, is valuable in helping us to
realize transcendence of our passage through the material experience.
The purpose of our lives is to awaken to our eternal and inseparable
divinity within the Divine Presence, to know it consciously and to
manifest it consciously as fully as possible. In Dr. Hora’s own words,

“Metapsychiatry came into the world to put soul into psychiatry,
and to breathe the life of Spirit into the ‘valley of dry bones.’.”   
(Ez. 37:1-6)
Who is Dr. Hora?
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