Published March 2020
By Susan von Reichenbach

Hello Meta Friends,

The message below is a composite of helpful ideas which seem relevant in this time when we are
endangered daily by hypnotic spells from the world and at risk of losing our joy. We need to
understand the dynamics-at-work here in order to be free of the ignorance that is spreading, "big-
time," perhaps causing us to be fearful or depressed. We must remain steadfast in the Truth-of-
Being not to be affected (or infected!) by them

March, 2020


Metapsychiatry's timeless comments on the current pandemic experience:

Through the human tendency toward self-confirmation, people are easily hypnotized; then they
tend to lose their joy and become serious. “
The first sign of hypnotism is a loss of joy,” says Hora.
In Metapsychiatry, we understand that seriousness and joy are mutually exclusive — seriousness
is a “kill-joy,” and it must be quickly identified and overcome before it has a destructive influence
on us and its vibes do harm to our immediate environment. Therefore, the moment we become
serious, joy is lost. In today's ethos, we are drowning in serious messages and gloomy forecasts
from our government and the medical profession. Hora clarifies, offering the right approach in
such circumstances:
“If there is an issue that requires us to respond, viewing it with seriousness
needs to be replaced by giving it our sincere attention
.” If there is any kind of problem — illness,
terrorism, violence, crime, lack, devastation, an epidemic, or environmental concern — and we
become serious, it is immediately a sign that the antichrist thinking is present, which interferes with
our ability to be inspired and thus to find an intelligent solution to meet whatever is the current
need. (Hora identified that the two characteristics that reveal the presence of the antichrist
ideation are seriousness and excitement--both very much in evidence in today's hyped-up reports
about Coronavirus. The antichrist is every thought that would distract us from the OmniPresence
and Good of God; this illusory force is designed to separate us from the Truth-of-Being.)

Hence, we must be alert not to let others influence us to become gravely over-concerned, but to
meet the moment with Love and Intelligence. If we complain or become depressed, we sink deeper
into a state of hypnotism. “
We must rouse ourselves,” as Hora advises us, “and take a vigorous
stand; shake off the hypnotism as illegitimate, and remind ourselves that God is Joy and that as
His [Its] ‘image and likeness,’ we must manifest joy and freedom. When we are hypnotized, we are
captives of someone else’s mood [or worldly propaganda]. So joy is the first thing we must struggle
to re-capture, as well the freedom from being influenced by the thoughts and moods of others [or
reacting to the changing news reports]. We can do this through prayer and the knowledge that it
is the Will of God that we be free and joyous always
.” Every time we heal ourselves of any form of
hypnotism, the source of our hypnotism is also favorably affected. There is no need to sink into
seriousness because spiritual solutions are always available to us — “
God [One Mind] is
simultaneously present everywhere

One way we can quickly tell when we are hypnotized (asleep) is by the fact that we find ourselves
suddenly with no sense of humor. “To be awake means joy.” The moment we are serious, we are
hypnotized — we have fallen asleep. In this condition, we are very susceptible to accidents, illness,
and conflicts with our fellow men. At this stage, if we complain or get depressed about these
occurrences, we sink deeper into a state of hypnotism. Therefore, in Meta, complaining is not
advisable — it blocks our receptivity to see Truth and the Good beyond the human experience.
The Bible warns us against mesmerism and admonishes us all to be “
sober and vigilant.” Jesus,
too, advises us to
“watch and pray” (1Pet 5:8 & Lk 21:36).

In the instance when Jesus was preparing to confront the Calvary experience, after he rose from
prayer, “
[Jesus] came to the disciples and found them sleeping from sorrow, and said to them,
‘Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not enter into temptation
’’’ (Lk 22:45-46).
Jesus saw that his followers were intimidated and hypnotized, and instead of waking up and
praying with Jesus through the upcoming challenge they all faced, in order to be fortified by “what
really is,” and not influenced or intimidated by “what seems to be,” they were hypnotized into fear
and sorrow and subsequently overcome by drowsiness and the “temptation” to fall back asleep in
the dream of life in interaction. This reaction to slip back into sleep in the dream is an all too
common experience as we are evolving, as we are challenged now by the vibes of an "epidemic"
sweeping the globe; here in the phenomenal world, we are ever endeavoring to climb out of our
universal ignorance into enlightened life. What Hora called the “
downward drag” has a heavy pull
on us, and in today's world the atmosphere is heavy. Day after day, the airwaves are glutted with
reports of scary symptoms, sickness, and untimely deaths. Therefore, we must be alert to the ever-
present risk of being hypnotized and pulled back into sleepiness as the disciples were. When we
are sleepy, we are unavailable to receive inspiration and divine guidance and, thereby, to be
peaceful and safe.

All italicized statements in quotation marks without attribution are direct quotes from
Thomas Hora ~ property of The MetaLexicon of Metapsychiatry, copyright Susan von
Reichenbach 2014. Please do not reprint without permission.
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