By Susan von Reichenbach

"Choose this day whom you will serve," the Bible instructs us (JOS 24:15). This day are we
"serving" Isis or God’s IS System — the mundane or the spiritual?

Where our thoughts dwell is what we serve. Whatever we are interested in is what absorbs our
attention and can easily slip into becoming what we "serve.” Therefore, we need to be careful
where we put our attention and our interest. In these troubled times, it is possible to become
riveted by news reports concerning the atrocious activities of Isis or by other threatening
phenomena that can hypnotize us away from focusing our attention on the divine IS System where
our help and salvation lie — individually and collectively.

An 'IS System,' " Dr. Hora clarifies, "means God IS Absolute Reality" (there is no other reality)
and being in conscious union with It brings us to a realization of Perfect Life.” An "IS System"
already IS — perfect and whole: "
Nothing can be added to It, and nothing can be taken away from
" (EC 3:14). The IS System is a wholly benevolent Cosmic Principle that operates independent of
man. We do not influence this System or have any control over Its all-encompassing nature. It just
IS — like the law of gravity. All that is needed for us to be blessed by It IS for us to awaken
sufficiently to see It.

Metapsychiatry’s First Principle guides us as to where our thoughts need to dwell and what to
"serve" that will attune consciousness to divine laws of Truth and to realize the good fruits of
Thou shalt have no other interests before the good of God which is spiritual blessedness."
We can certainly have other interests but not
before the “good of God.” Dr. Hora helps us to see
what this vaguely stated “good of God” is that bestows “spiritual blessedness,” defining it with
these very essential ideas for us to contemplate: to be at One with that Life which IS God; to
confront individually our universally experienced fearfulness regarding human death and the issue
of our mortality by seeking instead the truth of our immortality, gradually realizing our indestructible
and eternal nature as consciousness; and to know that real Life in Divine Reality, in the IS System,
can never be destroyed — It can never die — so neither can we. We can never be separated from
the real “Life” created by God — not by a bomb, a tornado, or a tsunami, not by an Ebola
outbreak, an epidemic or any so-called "terminal" disease, not by the experience of a lethal attack,
a beheading, or an execution. Manifestations of evil are the accumulation of highly charged,
hostile, violent, and destructive thought-energies that explode into visible form as abhorrent
phenomena. Evil is not an autonomous, destructive power, which militates against good, but an
illusion of power. Evil is not a person, and it is not personal; evil is ignorance, the activity of
Godlessness; evil is darkness, misdirected and immoral values; evil is a perversion of Reality.
Thus, human warfare is ultimately not effective in abolishing evil.

Missiles and airstrikes cannot reach evil; guns cannot kill evil, and terrorists cannot destroy what is
eternal and real. Warfare against evil in human ways only hardens and incites the enemy. As the
Bible directs us to see: "
The weapons of our warfare are not carnal [of the fleshly or worldly
thought-system, interactive]
but mighty through God [mighty through God’s value system, mighty
through Omniaction]." (II COR 10:4-6).
Our “warfare” is not outside, but inside — it takes place in
Our “battle” is not to succumb to the worldly view or, as Dr. Hora cautions us, to
get involved with the drama through “emotional” or “personal” reactions (two of the “five gates of
hell”), and neither to be seduced, provoked or intimidated (the “three prongs of the devil’s
pitchfork”) by the
unreality. Our teacher also suggests we examine our reactions to news reports:
Whatever reactions they evoke — fear, rage, excitement, prejudice, sorrow, despair, retribution —
these need to be first healed in us before they can be healed in the world. Metapsychiatry does
not deny the experience of human suffering. But, Dr. Hora goes on to say, “
After a while, we can
see that everything is a dream, no matter how much it hurts, no matter how terrible it is for a
human person to see this . . . It does not help, and it is not a virtue to be emotionally affected
[or to

Instead we must cleave to Truth, to the
Prayers of Beholding and Right Seeing, which help us to
acknowledge the Perfection of Divine Reality, so that we can maintain conscious awareness of that
Reality that is God’s IS System, and not be sucked into the unreality with its pictures of evil. God
needs every one of us to be instruments of Its Light in this current experience of human darkness.
Without man, God could not be known . . . God and His Creation are One" (Thomas Hora, MD).

Students of Metapsychiatry could form a “coalition,” as our government proposed to the nations,
but a spiritual coalition, one in which we each devote interest to deepening our knowledge of God’s
IS System. For, “
IS-ness IS our business!” Small PAGL/META gatherings, as Dr. Hora encouraged,
can make a difference by potentiating Truth if its participants are synchronized in the same wave-
length, that is, collectively spiritualizing consciousness and acknowledging the truth-of-being as
Metapsychiatry leads us. (Ultimately, this is a realization of the
Prayer of Right Knowing.) In this
way, we are gradually dissolving “evil” as real in our own minds, thereby "serving" the “IS System,”
and really coming to live “
the good of God which is spiritual blessedness.”


* "
If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you
have to give is that of your own self-transformation
.” (Lao Tze)

* "
The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not comprehended It."
(JN 1:5)

* “
All who draw the sword will die by the sword.” (MT 26:52)                                   

* "
God did not create this world—God created a perfect spiritual Universe." (Thomas Hora)

* "
The understanding of what really IS abolishes all that seems to be.”
(Tenth Principle of Metapsychiatry)


This article was inspired by ideas in
Encounters with Wisdom I (Chapters 1, 2 & 3), in One Mind
(Chapter 34), in
Self Transcendence, and by the “Good of God, which is the spiritual blessedness”
that graces us with guidance and understanding.
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