Published in March 2020
By Susan von Reichenbach

Immunity for today:

The “secret place of the Most High” (Ps 91:1) is our true dwelling place which is found in
consciousness and which becomes accessible to us as we awaken to divine Reality. It is the
unseen, “hidden” Christ-consciousness (or spiritualized consciousness) where enlightened man
dwells, where safety and security, and every inspired idea are present, and “
where all things
can come to our attentio
n,” as Hora said, “but not into our experience.”

The “secret place of the Most High” is a synonym for divine Reality, for the One Mind, for
Omniactive Love-Intelligence, and Cosmic Consciousness, to name a few. It is the holy "Place"
where we are protected from ignorance, fear, and contagious misinformation, and our access to
It is through consciousness. It is the “ark,” metaphorically speaking, into which the biblical figure
Noah transported himself and his family to be protected in a time of great earthly peril (Gn 6-9).
In this sacred, nonlocal “Place,” which is Divine Consciousness, there is no danger, no violence,
no contagion, NO pathology — there is only Peace, Harmony, Order, and Perfect Life. “
Thou art
my hiding place
,” declared the Psalmist (Ps 32:7).

In these times of highly contagious vibes, currently labeled as the Coronavirus, and the fear
which it is spreading like lightening across the globe, we need to be alert to go to that “Place”
where we are protected and thus become invulnerable to the world’s hype, assaulting us over
the airwaves. Once when a student asked Hora for his address in order to meet with him in his
country house, he replied, “
My address is the 91st Psalm.” He was offering, of course, a good
and safe residence for a student who needed spiritual direction (as well as for us all), what
Metapsychiatry calls, a “God-confirmatory” Place to shield us from the tribulations of the self-
confirmatory and interaction thinking of the world and its harmful vibrations and manifestations,
such as a scary sickness and a possible epidemic. The remedy to being impressed by any false
interests and worldly distractions, whatever their manifestations, even such as we are currently
experiencing as a world-wide epidemic, lies in shifting priorities to God as our only “
refuge" and
as "
our fortress,” an impenetrable, sheltered Dwelling, as the 91st Psalm depicts It. This
knowledge is the best spiritual vaccination we could have!  

Especially now, when discussions about "Healthcare for all" are a hot topic, this Rx, from Hora to
climb up into the "secret place," leads us to realize what is needed is “METAcare for All”! To
“live and move and have our being” in this “secret place” is a metaphysical inoculation, which
leads us to dwell in the spiritual awareness of God’s Omniactive Presence and Protection,
regardless of any false reports, misinformation, appearances, or conditions to the contrary. It
allows us to remain aware of our true identity as spiritual and maintains us in a healthy and
harmonious existence. In this secure place, we can be not only safe, as Noah was, but saved —
available to be guided and inspired in our every step by the Divine Power we call Divine Mind or
God. A “hiding place” in Divine Mind keeps us immune to the temptation of trying to “serve two
masters” (Mt 6:24) — the world and God’s Perfect Reality. It keeps us invisible, like Jesus,“
with Christ in God
” (Col 3:3), where we are not a target for any unhealthy thoughts to enter our
consciousness and harm us (like a virus, which is simply an invasive thought of a hostile nature,
which in the current ethos has progressed into a highly charged energy of hatred, moving
across the globe, and taking visible form as the Coronavirus).*    

*[Let all Meta students be reminded as a motivating idea that the Bible (in Ecc 9:13-15) speaks
to the power of "righteous knowing" which describes where “there was a little city [under siege]
with few men in it. Now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered
the city." One righteous individual can be a channel of redemption for many, exhibiting the
power of spiritual understanding to transform a situation
still, and especially, in today’s world.
And the Bible tells us, "ten righteous men" can save a larger community by participating in
communal prayer. (See Gn 18:16-33.) Let us join in prayer to behold God's Perfect Reality,
regardless of any appearances or misinformation to the contrary.]

All italicized statements in quotation marks without attribution are direct quotes from
Thomas Hora ~ property of The MetaLexicon of Metapsychiatry, copyright Susan von
Reichenbach 2014. Please do not reprint without permission.
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Immunity:  Secret Place of the Most High
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