By Susan von Reichenbach

There is a plague moving across the globe--it is the extreme darkness of prejudice and hate. It is
oozing out everywhere--darkness is contagious, and the unenlightened and unprotected mind is
vulnerable to it. The plague we are fighting is thoughts. Formless ideas from the sea of mental
garbage take form as violence and horror and explode into the world as harm and highly
destructive experiences. These appearances are an aspect of the illusion of evil, attempting to
impress upon us that it is a power. But it is not—it is a false power, no matter how real it "seems
to be." We can dare to say this because we know that when we can come to realize the true
nature of Divine Reality, whatever does not conform to that Reality disappears. In
Metapsychiatry, we define evil as extreme ignorance—it is not a person— it does not have a
face, or a name, or a country. Really there are no evil persons anywhere, only misdirected,
virulent thoughts residing in human consciousness, which can manifest even as unthinkable
atrocities, such as the one we have recently witnessed. Evil is a counterfeit power in a
counterfeit reality, and that counterfeit reality is the phenomenal world. Belief in evil as a
separate power means that God is not the only Power, and that is a lie, which the antichrist
ideation would like to make us believe. The "devil" may be selling this idea, but, as Meta teaches
us, we do not have to buy it. In truth, there cannot be two powers because there is only One
Power, and It is a Power of Infinite Good without an opposite. We, like the Christ, can refuse the
notion that evil is a real power. "
Get thee behind me, Satan" (Mt 16:23).          

Suffering is built-into the human experience—we know that—because most of the world is
unenlightened and living in a godless context. Even those who would like to live in a spiritual
context have trouble understanding these destructive experiences, especially if they turn to
religion for their answers; and neither do they discover, generally speaking, in religion how to
pray in an effective manner through them, asking, begging God for something, which this
Principle of Perfect Love knows nothing about. We are experiencing a dangerous world,
especially if we are unaware of an Invisible, Divine Reality, oblivious as to how to live in the
divine, metaphysical context of that Reality, and thus to be in harmony with the laws and
principles that govern that Reality. So most of the world is struggling, and we have utmost
compassion for their and our own lack of understanding.  

We are blessed in Metapsychiatry to have a way to understand, and to pray effectively, and
thereby ultimately to transcend the sadness and collective grief through compassion for the
ignorance that manifests as the wickedness those in Orlando experienced. But we are at risk if
we too are ignorant--if we do not listen to the guidance we are receiving about how to perceive
these events from a transcendent perspective. There is no personal blame here, even if the
government and any presidential candidates would incite and excite us to think so. We are
experiencing universal ignorance. Ignorance is never personal—it does not belong to any group
or individual. Ignorance does "
not know" even though it claims to. It resides wherever there is a
consciousness that is suggestible to its energy. So let us be reminded: God knows nothing of
these occurrences—God did not create suffering, and God knows nothing of what It did not
create; God did not create this world—this world is an illusion, a dream (in this instance, a
nightmare experience), and we can make use of it to wake up, if we are interested to "
the world
." Let us be reminded, too, in the wake of this tragedy: We are deathless beings. Those
who left in such a violent way are lifted up into the Consciousness of Love, the same Love that
moved through their lives in this world too. We can never be separated from that Love—not
even the experience of dying can separate us from God's Perfect, Unconditional Love and
Peace. Their (and our) Journey continues..."
[Real] Life is a unbroken wholeness
in flowing movement
" (physicist David Bohm). Let us not get lost in grieving. Let us wake up to

The enlightened consciousness of the Buddha informs us: “
Life is an illusion, a dream, a bubble,
a shadow
;” and Rumi calls it  “an imaginary plane of non-existence.” Hora too guides us to see
beyond ephemeral appearances to the abiding Reality: “
Everything [here] is a dream no matter
how much it hurts, no matter how hard it is for a human person to see this…no matter how deep
our sorrow is
. [In Meta,] we are [endeavoring to live] in Divine Reality, which is a Spiritual
Universe, where there is no messing around with emotions. No one becomes enlightened
exalting grief, or being sorry, or being involved with grief [or blaming or retaliation]
.”  When
horrifying images of suffering that bring sadness and despair are impressed upon a
consciousness, it can become fearful and distracted because it is directed away from the Truth
of Divine Perfection and the Power and Love that really govern us and where our safety,
security, and comfort lie. When we allow the dark picture that ignorance manifests to influence
us into sorrow or fear, we have temporarily lost our awareness of the Truth-of-Being, of our
already existing Oneness with Infinite Goodness. We are hypnotized and have sunk into the
world of dimensionality and thus into the dream state.

We must wake up and keep waking up. The media will hook us if possible, so we must be alert
when we watch the news reports. Hora reminds us again and again "
not to get sick over this
," and to come to see that “no matter how much it hurts, it is still only a dream." Grasping
eventually the nature of this reality as illusory, as unreal, as a dream, we can gradually begin to
rise above emotional reactions to the ills of this world, to the dreadful pictures of misery that
humanity experience and that seem so real, and instead begin to view them compassionately
from a spiritualized understanding. We need to recognize that everything in this world appears
and disappears. To be lifted above the vibes around this heinous act, we, in Meta, pray the
Prayer of Beholding earnestly until we can see its truth: "
Everything everywhere [in Divine
Reality—in God's Creation] is already alright
." Truth eradicates error. Contemplating Principle
#10 (“
The understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be”) erases the picture
from our individual consciousness; and every time it is erased in our minds, we are helping to
erase it in the world, so the Light can enter. "
The Light shines in the darkness, and the
darkness has not overcome it
" (Jn1:5).  Amen.
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