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All is Well *
the MetaWay
by Susan von Reichenbach

All IS well is a form of beholding -- a way of seeing that whatever a picture might appear to
be -- a delay, a postponement, an unexpected calamity, or a disrupting situation, as there
appeared a deeply disturbing one for the Shunammite women in the Biblical story (II Kings
4:8-37) -- the truth of God's Love and Perfection is right there moving through it, adjusting,
correcting, harmonizing and healing.

All is well
means we do not get involved with the picture, especially an imperfect one, and
talk about it, resist it, struggle with it, complain about it or interact with it, but pray to see it —
all reality here — as in the Perfect Divine Order of the One Infinite Life, always under Its
control. This transcendent path we all must see is beautifully demonstrated in the story
where the Shunammite woman refuses the human picture and affirms that “It will be well” or
All is well," regardless of her frightening experience, wasting no time while she rushes to
the "holy mountain" to seek spiritual help for her problem and uncover its solution. She
bypasses any temptation to explain or interact, to confirm herself through the drama or be
drawn into an emotional conversation, which does not ever really help any of us to solve a
problem -- in fact, it usually just delays it -- and, instead, she steadfastly seeks spiritual
wisdom. She "flees to the mountain," a metaphor used often in Biblical stories to guide us
to switch our thought, as quickly as possible, away from the appearance to the "Most High"
(Psalm 91) Presence of God.

The Shunammite woman is a wonderful paradigm for us all: She was an individual who was
a student of the Rabbi and exalted prophet Elisha, and one who was evidently diligent
about her spiritual practice. She was “ready” when blindsided by the unexpected, which is
revealed in her brief exchanges with her husband in verse 23, when he alludes to it as not
being the usual times she would visit her spiritual teacher, the subtext of which was really a
query as to "What's going on?" Their young son had suddenly become gravely ill, and his
mother wasted no time to find a spiritual solution. Dr. Hora often advised us to be
consistent in our practice, even and especially, when living in periods of Grace, so that we
would be “armed” with spiritual “weapons” to meet unknown challenges. We must
remain strong within at all times and become ever stronger at every opportunity.

Speaking these words from an awareness of their power to direct us away from the
phenomenal experience to the existential truth where our "help" finds its source, "
All is
" is a beneficial mode of communication reflecting a quality of beholding ourselves and
others in that holy place of Truth and Adjustment, at all times under all conditions, as our
circumstances or needs or plans change. It can also communicate the beholder's
understanding to another that a cancellation, disappointment, change of plans, or even an
emergency, does not disturb our trust in the same Truth and Divine Perfection operating in
our own or in others' lives, adjusting and harmonizing whatever is needed among all the
parties. The perfection of the Divine Reality is the truth-of-our-being, regardless of any
picture to the contrary, and nothing can interfere with Its unstoppable Omniactive
movement. But we must come to realize it, or we may suffer needlessly.
All is well is a
blessing to our consciousness, a reminder of the Invisible Truth, and can be a healing balm
also for another, if spoken with genuine understanding.

Once in our Meta classes, the group was invited to do an "assignment" for a week: that was,
to answer everyone in their lives who would ask them any question about any aspect of
their lives or families simply with: "
All is well" (and to behold that powerful truth in their
consciousness no matter what the temptation to do otherwise -- to complain,** gossip,
justify, explain, blame, tell their sad story or vent). They came back amazed by the  
therapeutic effect it had on their consciousness. No more talk about any unnecessary
issues with family, in-laws, and well-meaning friends, inviting comment, unwelcome advice
or unnecessary interaction, but instead going right to God for understanding, it began to
free them of being involved with their "pictures" and with family and friend interaction, and
encouraged them to expand their awareness and their trust in God to work everything out
as the Great Arranger; they witnessed healing and harmonizing occurring in their daily lives
and noticed they were not so exhausted by the interaction around various "problems" and
experiences.  “
Radical reliance on God” is a Meta axiom, and “All is well” helps to open the
door to deepen our trust in God-reliance.

When we say these three small words with sincerity, they become a huge and effective
way of shifting our attention to Truth, to "what really is," no matter what the difficulty or
disturbance "seems to be." “
ALL is well” is basically a shorthand version of the Prayer of
Beholding: "Everything everywhere is already alright." This prayer aligns us with the
invisible Perfection that already IS.

We are seeking to live always in the context of God and from the infinitely good and
intelligent and loving ideas that pour out to us from a Transcendent Reality, and not in the
context of human beings or from a worldly thought-system. "All solutions are spiritual,"
as Meta counsels us.

“Learn to face life with nothing but God” (Thomas Hora).

* Inspired by Chapter 2 in
Encounters with Wisdom, Book Two & the Bible story in
II Kings 4:8-37.

** In
One Mind (P.214-215), Dr. Hora informs us that a habit of complaining can attract
reasons to complain! It is important to guard against the temptation to complain, because it
can become addictive. Instead, we must cultivate a habit of preserving a grateful outlook
on life under all circumstances; then healing and spontaneous solutions to whatever we
need can appear.