By Susan von Reichenbach

Dear Meta Friends ~

As the crucifixion time has just been marked in this calendar year, The MetaWay of Metapsychiatry
is reminded of Dr. Hora's penetrating understanding of this event:  
The crucifixion points to the
irrelevancy of experience and the infinitude of Life
. The truth-of-our-being survives any and all
experiences. What we feel about an experience is not an accurate barometer of what it really is.
This means that experiences are not real, only transitory, no matter how real they seem to be; no
matter how much suffering they seem to bring us, they belong to the dream – they are illusions
and metaphors, and, thus, not enduring. The only crucifixion experience which is permanent is the
death of the ego-identity – our dying to the illusory belief in ourselves as self-existent persons and
the material form-world as real. It is not the emotionalism of the crucifixion experience that is
important, but what idea the crucifixion experience of Jesus points to that is important.

Jesus, most likely, did not suffer in the way this event portrays him:  He was fully prepared for this
triumphant moment and the Resurrection that followed; it was the dénouement of his life's work,
the glorious climax of the human "drama," of all that he had come to understand, the fulfillment and
ultimate purpose of his journey.  He had certainly overcome the idea of a body, and it is the
discernment of most mystics that he most surely did not suffer pain. The commonly-held belief that
he agonized does not belong to his elevated ministry. He lived solely in the context of God, in the
full realization of spirit as his substance and his identity, and in the joyous and enlightened
understanding of his oneness and inseparability from the Infinite Life, which is synonymous with
God. In such an illumined consciousness, he had overcome the body and its sensations and any
belief that matter is real (as quantum physics now helps us to see). There is also some
documentation to support that Jesus knew how to go into a state of consciousness above body
awareness, to be invulnerable to physical pain. He demonstrated this advanced understanding
many times in his teaching ministry, becoming "invisible" among an angry crowd, walking on water,
and appearing and disappearing in the body form. He understood the body to be a manifestation
of thought, and he could transmute it back into its constituent thought at will.

We need to see this event of crucifixion with new eyes – not through weeping eyes, but through
smiling and grateful ones. Perhaps, we cannot yet make such a demonstration, nor is it required of
us, since Jesus proved its power for us.  Jesus manifested his profound understanding of the
words and deeds shown in his ministry with this parting gift:  In the Field of Infinite Potentialities
created by God, he uncovered, and brought into the human world, a template for all mankind to
realize and emulate (and he assured us we could do the same).   If realized by one, as it was in
Jesus, this template can be realized and followed, also, by all – to overcome human pain and
suffering through spiritual knowledge and to be raised up beyond the mere experience of so-called
"death," in order to see a perfect eternal and indestructible Life operating, from which we can
never be separated, not even by the experience of dying.  We are eternal beings, regardless of
any picture to the contrary.

In this context, "atonement," usually associated with the occurrences of the Crucifixion and
Resurrection, is not understood to mean that Jesus "paid" for our sins, or had to sacrifice his life
for our "wrong-doing," or was "sent" to placate God for humankind's errors. God is not angry with
us and is not judging us for our ignorance and inability to see our already existing Oneness.  In
fact, God knows nothing of our errors or suffering – God knows nothing of what It did not create –
and the Divine Mind did not ever "create" problems or suffering or pain. That would make God a
"Miscreator."  And God is not a miscreator. The problem is our own drowsy state of consciousness,
which sees us as living in a separation existence – a life apart from God with separate minds and
wills of our own – even if we believe in God and pray to God. The at-one-ment that Jesus came to
teach us obliterates the idea of separation and self-existence, and is meant to close the gaps in
our perspective and align us with the One Eternal Mind.

Jesus ascended . . . Jesus moved through the evolutionary process of ascension as it unfolded
from incarnation (being in a body) to excarnation (being out of a body), where real Life, spiritual
Life, exists, entirely separate from experiential life.  Like Jesus, we are "living Souls" making a
passage across substances – from excarnation (spirit) to incarnation ("birth"/appearance/matter)
to excarnation ("death"/disappearance/spirit).  The difference is that he was fully awakened to the
process and participated consciously in it.  He lived it and taught it in his words, deeds and through
the radiance of his presence, filled to the brim with Love and Truth.  "Death," thus, reveals that the
dimensional yields to the nondimensional, and the finite to the infinite, and, in the end, the material
experience is subsumed by Spirit, just as we see it in Jesus in the occurrence of resurrection.

In the final stages of ascension, the substance of matter ultimately disappears.  Just as subatomic
particles disappear into waves, and the waves turn into energy, so, in ascension, the substance of
matter de-materializes. Jesus ascended to the point where his physical body disappeared – matter
became spirit (that which is real).  
Life in Spirit is unstoppable, and not even the experience of
dropping the body can ever separate us from It.

Ascension is a process of the spiritualization of consciousness, which, in the Meta work, is not
associated with religious ideas, but with spiritual and metaphysical truths; we describe it as
from sense-existence to soul-existence
, wherein consciousness is gradually raised up, and the
viewpoint of Infinity is finally attained.  In this process, we are awakening to the truth-of-our-being
and able to behold the Perfect nondimensional Life, here and now, as It pervades and permeates
the form-world, and not just in some "after-life."

So, on this Easter Day, let us make Jesus' life and devotion and discipline, and the "Way" he
exhibited, count for something in our lives – and waste no time.  The Resurrection calls us to delve
deeply into the hidden meanings of his ministry and message, and to honor the "pearl of great
price" that he delivered to us, in order to be liberated from the bondage of the human condition
and our limited thought-systems, and to reach the joyful and enlightened state that he showed us,
so that we could also know and live what he knew.  We are all potentially "other Christs."  Glory...

Halleluja in deed!
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Ascension ~ The Unstoppable Life!
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