By Susan von Reichenbach

“The Bible says there is only One Mind, the Mind of Christ, and besides this Mind there is no
other mind. However, the impression is very powerful that this world consists of billions of
separate minds that cannot find harmony with one another…every individual mind has a desire to
assert itself as superior to every other mind, so what we have in the world is a constant battle of
[illusory] minds.” *

Watching the recent and ongoing Presidential Candidates' debates over these many weeks is a
perfect demonstration of this dynamic. It can be educational, if grasped from the perspective of
One Mind, and a vivid example of what Hora describes as the unenlightened activity of
humankind in the
"dream of life in interaction." There we all are among the candidates, to one
degree or another (yes, alas!), hypnotized into acting and talking as if we have minds of our own,
wills of our own apart from One Mind, opining, claiming personal knowledge, personalizing every
comment, boasting, bragging (in some instances, that we have personal power to keep the world
safe from terrorism, Ha! Where is God in this picture?), cloaked in seriousness, talking too much
and not listening, persuading, convincing, contending, competing, rebutting, accusing, engaging
in outrageous rivalry to win, hurling personal insults, using the platform to promote oneself and
not ideas—hence not issue-oriented but person-oriented and self-confirming—and illustrating the
great damage that can be done through an incessant interaction with our fellow humans, verbally
or nonverbally. These candidates would do well to know our Meta directive:
“Discretion preserves
These debates clearly emphasize the ignorance that governs the race consciousness. We
are lost in this counterfeit reality, this unreality, until we are awakened. However, on the bright
side, it is good to know, that
"Lies can be useful." As Hora says, they can be helpful in waking us
up from the hypnotic suggestions that keep us mostly asleep as hostages through the mortal
journey; through Meta’s juxtapositional method (the “Two Intelligent Questions”), lies can drive us
to seek and find Truth and thus assist our progress on the spiritual path.
“If you want to know the
truth, then contemplate that all phenomena are lies”

We have to come to understand that there are no separate minds anywhere. There is only One
Mind, and this Mind controls everyone and everything that is real. There is really no other mind or
power anywhere to exert an influence on us (not even a bunch of terrorist "minds"). In order to
transcend the interaction of the many minds, we must cling to contemplating the One Mind as the
only Mind and eventually, Hora assures us, the bubbling, interaction garbage thoughts that
dominated our consciousness will begin to vanish.
"Only the One Mind can transcend the many
minds...Only the right realization of the One Mind will give us peace and enable us to look at the
battleground [of illusory, separate minds] and see that everything, everywhere, is [really already]
peaceful, already perfect.”
** We seek to see beyond the illusory picture and to practice this
perspective under all conditions—to stay alert even during the Presidential debates, to see them
as the dream experiences they really are, and not to become reactive (interactive) to all the
friction and excitement around them; in this spirit, watching them can be a helpful spiritual
practice to overcome interaction in ourselves. They are merely magnified demonstrations of the
lies (about Reality) that the race consciousness is experiencing in its daily life—individually and
globally. "
There is no interaction anywhere, and there never was any,” Hora states; “It just
seemed that way (Principle #3). Then [finally realizing that], there are no more problems—there is
nothing but God. You are in God, and God is in you, and your life is spiritual blessedness.
Interaction is just [garbage] thoughts [dreams, fantasies, and imaginings], and in the context of
God, there is no interaction, and there never was any—there is really only the harmonious co-
existence of all God's creations...The whole universe is under Divine Mind’s control and Power,
but mostly people do not see it [because they are dreaming].” **
We are dreaming we live in
separate minds, and so we are unable to find harmony with one another. Sufi mystic-poet, Rumi,
“This place is a dream; only a sleeper considers it real.”  

So let us be interested to rouse ourselves from the dream as fully as we can to come to know
Reality and refuse to see life in any context but that of the Omniactive, One Mind. All else is
illusion. We can see it in the Presidential debates. No matter how real the picture seems to be, it
is a counterfeit.
“We are living,” Hora clarifies, “in an hypnotic, counterfeit existence." Interaction
is harmful—it manifests as every symptom we experience in the body; it upsets our ability to live
in harmony and peace; it subverts our realization of Omniaction; it gives us the false impression
that we have minds of our own, leading us to ruminate, and speculate, and argue, and judge, and
blame, and suffer, and so strengthens the “dream of life in interaction.”  No such thing as
interaction is occurring in the Mind of God, therefore it is not really occurring. The more we seek
and struggle to see and live beyond all the lies and mesmerizing influences emanating from the
sea of mental garbage, the more "
the Spirit of Truth" will find us. "When...the Spirit of Truth
comes, [It] will guide you into all the Truth"
(Jn 16:13).

*  From Chapter 1, “One Mind,” of
One Mind, Thomas Hora.
** Thomas Hora, Founder of Metapsychiatry.
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