by Susan von Reichenbach

In this time of intimidating threats from North Korea, and also signs of disturbances in the
atmosphere that demonstrate the collective fear – strange weather conditions and unexpected,
highly dangerous tornadoes and other such storms and calamities that leave a wake of distress
behind them – as well as the ongoing, ever-changing uncertainty in many areas of our collective
experience – we need to remember that we in Meta have a mission here to realize Truth to the
best of our individual abilities and to pray rightly for the world community to overcome any belief
in the false and illusory power of evil, an appearance coming out of rivalry and greed, self-
glorification, self-aggrandizement, ego-centered interests (self-confirmation), and, in the present
news, megalomania. We can realize this by contemplating the Prayer for the Globe.

This prayer was given to us by Dr. Hora, and it is here preserved and passed on to you. The
Light (of understanding) that we emanate, at whatever degree within our current ability can, little
by little, diffuse the darkness of fear and tyranny, of hatred and malice, regardless of any picture
to the contrary. It is we who are the "lanterns," the instruments of God's Presence in the world.
"Without man, God could not be known" (Thomas Hora, MD, Founder of Metapsychiatry). We
have a "mission." The Infinite Love-Intelligence needs every one of us to express Its
Omnipresence, Its Omniaction, Its Infinite Perfect Love in every holy instant that we can. God –
Goodness – needs every one of us in order to manifest Its All-Perfect Power.

The Prayer, which is needed now, that is effective, can be found in the Meta Prayers &
Principles book on page 28. If you do not have the book, you can find the prayer on our website under "
Timeless Thoughts" as "A Meta Mission Statement." The way we
are helpful to this world is to shine the Light of Truth and compassion into it – to refuse and
refute the picture of evil by knowing it is a lie, to whatever degree we can realize it at this stage
of our individual evolution. No such occurrence as this threatened violence and possible
destruction from North Korea, or any other so-called evil, has ever existed in the Mind of God –
never! Therefore, it is not real. We are experiencing human ignorance and malice as "evil." It
can be corrected through spiritual understanding.

Only by seeing that Goodness, Infinite Goodness, as synonymous with Divine Love, a Love with
no opposite, is the only real Power, can we break the hypnotic picture that the "Prince of this
world" wants us to believe it has.

Pray and be alert, in order not to go to sleep in the news reports, not to believe them, but
instead to militate against them in consciousness. Smash the picture of an obsessed and violent
dictator as being unavailable to the Mind of God, and as having autonomous power. We must
protect our consciousness from being afraid, and in so doing, be an active instrument of the
Infinite Cosmic Consciousness, to help to dissolve fear in the world – but this dissolution begins
first in our own consciousness. It starts within each of us. God never created suffering or
destruction – human ignorance manifests and invites it. Truth obliterates ignorance. "The
understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be" (Principle #10 of Metapsychiatry).
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