Published in the PAGL Associates Newsletter, Winter, 2009
by Susan von Reichenbach

It was not unusual for Dr. Hora to bestow his direct realizations and
inspired insights of Truth upon his students as they flowed to him and,
then, to develop and refine them, thus demonstrating the dynamic of the
Creative Process as It moves within us all, and we are enabled to see

In the recently published "Encounters with Wisdom" / Volume 2, there is an
important idea which is absent from Dialogue 5, "The Wisdom to Know the
Difference," pages 75 & 88. The idea which is missing was annunciated by
Dr. Hora in a subsequent class which, at least to date, remains
unpublished. In the spirit of the oral tradition, which has preserved the
divinely inspired wisdom of Master Teachers, I would like to communicate
the missing idea here for the benefit of Metapsychiatry's community of

To the words of Proverbs 2:11 on pages 77 and 78, "Discretion shall
preserve thee; understanding shall save thee," Dr. Hora added,
"Secretiveness will destroy thee".(1)  

Soon after, though, he also inserted the idea here offered which reorders
and expands this sacred prescription:

                        "Discretion shall preserve thee;
                         Compassion shall heal thee;
                         Understanding shall save thee;
                         Secretiveness will destroy thee." (2)

The last line shocked me when I first read it, and it still does. It always
forces my attention back up the ladder to the previous lines where we can
be rescued from self-destruction. Perhaps the purpose of placing that
shock at the end was just that -- to wake us up from complacency, thinking
we are safe when we are not -- to make us alert to the ways that will
protect us from self-destruction/self-confirmation.

Toward his final years of teaching, Dr. Hora spoke more and more
frequently about the need for compassion as a healing force -- for
ourselves and others.

Jesus counseled us: "Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful"
(LK 6:36); and The Prayer of Correct Self-Identification (One Mind, p.362)
informs us, in the same spirit, to know that we are capable of awakening
the faculty of compassion within ourselves because God is In finite Mercy.  
Practicing compassion is like a "mental broom" which can keep the
resentments and anger, the hurts, disappointments, sorrows and critical,
judgmental, self-righteous thoughts from collecting and synergizing, and
thereby from manifesting pathogenically, so that we can benefit as fully as
possible from the opportunities which this precious journey affords us to
"overcome the world"  (MT 16:33) of "garbage thoughts" and to realize our
divine destiny as "other Christs" (Meister Eckhardt).


(1) He alternatively phrased it, "Secretiveness can kill you".
(2) These four lines Dr. Hora spoke to me in an individual session. c.
1993-1994, a week or so after giving them to a NY class in which I was
absent.  I wrote them down for my own reflection.  
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