Published in the PAGL Associates Newsletter, Winter, 2009
by Susan von Reichenbach

When faced with an emergency, we need to remember “radical reliance on
God.”  If we can keep ourselves from  emotional reactions or fearful
thoughts, we can allow Divine Love-Intelligence to bestow the right idea into
consciousness so that  the help that is needed will appear and Harmony
can be re-established. Practicing “radical reliance on God” will be effective
when those uncertain or unexpected instances occur in our lives, or around
us, offering us safety and protection without the ambulance sirens of 911.

The true nature of 911 is that of a symbolic structure, revealing that our
unchanging and ever-present help and safety is found in Divine Reality—
not only in Psalm 91:1, but, astonishingly, again in the promise of the
Wisdom of Solomon, (from the Apocrypha):
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For She [Divine Wisdom] knows and understands all things,
And She will guide me with good sense in my actions,
And will guard me with her splendor” (WIS 9:11).