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Meta Christmas Message
the MetaWay
by Susan von Reichenbach

On this Christmas Day, let us be reminded, as Paul said, to "let this mind be in you that
was also in Christ Jesus" -- the enlightened mind, the mind free of dreams and delusions,
the mind free of constructs and limitations, of lies and untruths, the Mind of God, the One

The birth of the Christ-consciousness is the celebration of this day. Christmas marks the
appearance of a beautiful paradigm for all humanity -- not to be worshiped, but to be
replicated. This model demonstrated itself in the life of an enlightened man known as
Jesus, a human being who became the illumined Christ-consciousness. Jesus "overcame
the world" and all its traps and snares and false messages through sincere and deep
seeking, rigorous practice, single-minded interest, and, perhaps, even following the
Dharma.  We validate his message when we "adore," not him, as our Christmas carol
suggests, but his example, "to be here for God," and to demonstrate that we can do the
same, regardless of the blockades and stumbling we seem to experience. As 13th/14th
century theologian and mystic, Meister Eckhart spoke it: "We are other Christs."

Those of us in metaphysical studies understand that Jesus has been misrepresented for
centuries as God Incarnate, and that his true identity, as an enlightened human, has been
dumbed down by religions everywhere. The anti-Christ is the perpetrator of this
propaganda. It began its efforts to destroy the birth of the Christ message at its inception,
in jealous and rivalrous "Herodian thought" (MT 2) that sought to murder the messenger
before he could deliver the message, and Herodian thought is still trying to murder the
message today.  Its intention is to discourage us from entertaining the thought of aspiring
to be like Jesus, thereby sabotaging our efforts toward enlightenment before they can
really take flight into fullness; its intention is to dissuade us from seeking to realize and
emulate the perfection and inherent power Jesus realized as a Christ-consciousness and
the transcendent perspective and liberation it can bestow on us while still in the Earthly
transit. The anti-Christ intends to keep us asleep, imprisoned in a counterfeit reality and a
false identity, stuck in a body and brain that believe they are autonomous and governed by
an illusory power that pretends to be real.  As long as we "buy" it, we are trapped.

In Matthew 3:16-17, when Jesus was baptized, "He saw the Spirit of God descending like a
dove, and alighting on him; and lo, a voice from heaven, saying, 'This is my beloved Son
with whom I am well pleased.'"  This passage sets us up to believe that we could never be
as Christ, that Jesus was "special," the "only" son of God, and the Christhood he reflected
to be an unobtainable possibility.  Yet, mystic teacher and guide, Paramahansa
Yogananda was inspired to translate this same passage with a different spin. He proffers a
helpful insight from his lifelong contemplations of the Christ life: that the "voice from
heaven" said, instead, "You have become my beloved Son with whom I am
well-pleased"--in other words, you have realized your spiritual genesis, beyond your
biological or earthly ties, and I rejoice that you have come to know Divine Reality and your
already existing Oneness in It.  Now you know you are a direct expression of the One
Eternal One, now and forever. This translation through a subtle spiritual atunement, using
"become," seems much more in the key of Meta and universally taught metaphysical

Who was Jesus?  Jesus was a fearless and loving spiritual guide who could behold all
individuals he encountered as himself, as spiritual, perfect and whole, whatever their point
of evolution; Jesus was a compassionate bodhisattva, a radiant and wise mystic, a rebel
Rabbi, who plumbed the depths of the Torah for the great wisdom that it offers and could
evoke it to disarm and refute the anti-Christ, when tempted, as we all are; Jesus was a
great student of Truth, an irrefutably effective metaphysician; and, finally, Jesus was one
whose innate divinity shone brilliantly into the world solely to exalt the Godhead, and still
shines today as a lantern, in order that we might see and come to know our authentic
identities as spiritual, dwelling in a Perfect Unending Reality. We are not heretics if we
understand this truth. We are its inheritors. And what Jesus left us, and what all Master
Teachers mean to leave us, is the overcoming of their hard-won lessons/burdens through
Truth-realization, in order to make our lives and yokes, "easier and lighter."

So, although the "Gospel According to Thomas" is not new to most Meta students, my gift
this day to all of you is the opportunity to explore ideas with which some of you may be
unfamiliar and to invite those of you for whom it is not a new idea to deepen your
awareness through the website address below.  This website is profoundly interesting and
gently reading and contemplating all the associated links can be the substance of helpful
meditations over the coming year.  

There is much evidence that Jesus went to the East, to India, in fact, and submitted to
rigorous disciplines of self-mastery, that he had "emptied himself" (PHIL. 2:7), referred to
as "sunyayta" or "emptiness" in Buddhist practice, that he was well acquainted with
Buddhism and Zen teachings, and even tarried in Tibet on his long return journey
homeward, being actually absent from the Middle East for 20 or 30 years -- not just the
reported three years.  Given the brilliance of his illumined consciousness and his abilities
to be a transparent instrument of Divine Love-Intelligence, this is entirely possible and
absolutely "believable"/acceptable.  The extensive footnotes and research cited in
Paramahansa Yogananda's two volume set, "The Second Coming of Christ," elucidate this
postulation with some interesting documentation, especially through the oral tradition,
passed down through generations in that locale.  Jesus fully realized the purpose of his life
here as Metapsychiatry teaches it: to come to know Divine Reality, to live and move and
have his being in Omniactive Divine Mind, in the invisible Being of our being.  He lived the
First Principle of Metapsychiatry to the hilt.  He realized enlightenment in oneness with the
"Father," a main theme in his teaching. In his short ministry, after many years of
submission to self-immolation, he also gave to us a map for harmonious and God-centered

"The Gospel According to Thomas," cited in the links, is filled with deep wisdom and
enigmatic and esoteric ideas to lead us into the only healing and enduring knowledge we
could ever need: that we are each one of us at different points of evolution and
understanding, already One with God, the Eternal One, and that all we could ever need
has already been created in, and is already supplied in, that One Perfect Life from which
we are inseparable -- whether we know it (now) or not.  We need only come to be able to
behold It.

"There is no Life apart from God. God and His [Its] Creation are one." -- Dr. Hora.

May your visit to this website prompt questions, and may the responses you receive
bestow new blessings into your life in 2013 and beyond the beyond:

"What would happen if the world would suddenly understand that God is the Mind of the
Universe and that, besides this Mind, there is no other Mind? [and] there are no separate
minds anywhere?  Then, all conflicts and fears would vanish. There would be harmonious
participation in the "Good of God," a perpetual and eternal Christmas."
-- Dr. Hora.