by Susan von Reichenbach

An answer to a META Student who asked for the meaning of her experience of being
"hacked" inspired a fuller response:

To be hacked is defined as "gaining access to a computer illegally." Illegally means outside
the Law – the One Law that governs all laws on Earth, the Divine Law. Being "hacked" is a
term loosely applied to the experience of a break-in to our computer in which we have the
experience of the theft of our personal identity, “lifted” from the email accounts of
another/others; it is a form of invasion. It is a form of interaction, based on "the dream of life
in personhood," gone awry.  

If "Nothing comes into experience uninvited" (
Principle #7), then what could it mean that we
"invite" being hacked?  In what way do we do that?  Examining, as we do in Meta work, every
troublesome experience to demonstrate the "Law of Correspondence," and being willing to
be embarrassed about even small occurrences, we can gain valuable understanding that
helps us to purify the consciousness, in order to gradually "overcome the world," and, so, be
enabled to see more clearly. Being “hacked” and discovering that our email address is being
unlawfully used, is not an uncommon experience, which informs us that a lot of us participate
in some of the same kinds of existentially invalid ideas as we use the computer.  

We mostly misunderstand the real purpose of the internet and all the helpfulness and
efficiency of communication it can offer us, and tend, instead, as a cyber community, to
misuse it for interaction and self-confirmatory purposes. ("Self-confirmation is self-
destruction – self-destruction is self-confirmation.")  As Barnum of the Barnum & Bailey
Circus reportedly said: "Speak of me evilly, but speak of me."  Mankind wants recognition
and to be noticed and acknowledged as a person at any cost.

Access to the internet is a gift – it offers us the possibility to learn about all manner of good
and meaningful things, to access wisdom and knowledge, to inquire and receive solutions to
the necessities of life in an effective and almost instantaneous way. The computer is a
wonderful little bit of technology, intended to lighten man's load, allow for ease of
communication, and enlarge our access to information, in order to help us live a better
quality of life in an effortless, effective and efficient way (the "3 Es" of Metapsychiatry), and,
most importantly, even offer us the gift of more time for spiritual studies. Dr. Hora once said,
in a class in which I was present, that the computer is a symbolic structure, "a fantastic
instrument, pointing beyond itself to the existence of a Perfect Mind that responds
instantaneously, before the question is asked.” And, by the way, that Mind can never be
hacked or give out harmful information or mislead us in any way whatsoever. It works only for
the non-dual Good.  But, here in the form-world, we live in a dualistic thought-system, and,
so, everything is subject to the corruption of the opposite; we must be alert to this dynamic
and not get sucked into it.

This "fantastic instrument" can also lead us to get stuck in all manner of self-confirmatory
ideas and temptations, to swim around in the "sea of mental garbage" in endless ways, to
get hooked into being hypnotized and submitting to unworthy interests, so that we forget our
spiritual purpose and practice; time on the internet can subvert our interest to see the Infinite
"Screen" of the Eternal Life, and seduce us into becoming addictive consumers, “current
news junkies," jealous, competitive, rivalrous "friends," curiously peeking into other persons'
lives, as happens regularly on Facebook, or becoming interactive "gossips" on Twitter; it
entices us to have opinions, make judgements, compare, react, OR, to use Facebook and
Twitter to promote ourselves, brag about our accomplishments, gratify our desire to be seen,
show-off with photos of every passing experience, also with websites and blogs that display
our positions, points of view, our looks, possessions, cars, homes, children, vacations, and
to deceive ourselves into thinking it is important to be a participant (which is the work of the
"devil"), allowing it to distract us from our individual spiritual tasks at hand and a deeper
approach to existential questions. These devilish manipulations built into the internet have
taken over the thinking of the world's community and hi-jacked our peace-of-mind, creativity,
availability to the Mind of God and Its inspired guidance in the silence of Being, and, most
importantly, our mental space to grow into the idea of being "here for God." Internet surfing
is too often "killing time" on our precious journey here.

"Wanting" and "not wanting" – wanting to be included/not wanting to feel "out of it" – is a
dynamic that operates in this activity. Always "doing," never still and content just to "be," to
rest in the Being of our being, exhibiting a constant desire for interaction, for the friction of it
– pleasurable or painful – these are symptoms of internet and email and texting overdose.
Some folks use it, too, to indulge prurient interests or secret addictions, all of which need to
be healed through spiritual understanding and not indulged and aggrandized.  

Kids join, say, Facebook (the peer pressure is great), and then the parents and
grandparents join to watch what's going on, sometimes, at first, to make sure it's all
protected and okay, and, pretty soon, entire families are involved, exposing their personal
and very private lives to the whole world, and competing with one another about vacations,
college acceptances, wedding parties, family picnics, births and deaths, and, pretty soon, it'll
be NDEs!.  It is at this point that individuals can become endangered on a material level.
There are stories of fraudulent invaders, who carefully watching Facebook, can figure out
ways to prey on folks, discovering so much about the intimate details of their lives on
Facebook, with photos shown and relationships explained, that they can actually find clever
ways to extort money from them.  Because of the naïveté on the part of too many folks, many
unpleasant experiences can and do occur. And, then, people are irritated that they are
attacked by hackers. "There are no random occurrences anywhere" (Carl Jung).  

Now, the latest concern is that we have “facial recognition,” a new threat to our privacy and
safety, coming out of Facebook and other social network – a way of operating by which
organizations can access and know our personal information and misuse it to promote their
products and services, just by having a face photo taken by hidden cameras as we enter a
store or building. This information can be deviously obtained without our knowledge and
have worrisome implications. As marvelous as the computer technology is, when its purpose
is not abused and its gifts are acknowledged with gratitude, its social networks can still put
us at risk. If we do not know how to pray effectively, live quietly and reverently, and meet
these challenges, too, through spiritual understanding, we are, as individuals and a world
community, in danger of the tyranny of ignorance, and of losing our precious privacy and

When you walk in the mud of the Earth, you can expect your boots to be covered with its dirt;
when you walk in the garbage of the "self" that acts as if it is apart from God, the ego-driven
"self" that longs for any kind of recognition, self-glorification and self-gratification, (or self-
deprecation and self-flagellation), a "self" that believes in itself and lives in the realm of
"other selves" and the "5 Gates of Hell," a "self" that is unaware of the inherent dangers in
such indiscreet activities, and in the constant habit of "talking about self and other," then be
aware of the dimensions of the internet and its "services" that do not serve the Good – "the
Good of God which is spiritual blessedness."

We have seen recently in the news that some corporations in the USA were being hacked by
a foreign government or unrevealed entity, and that the internet could be used as a weapon.
This is not a good situation, and we must pray to refuse the picture of any such idea as
taking hold and becoming destructive. As a computerized society, such activity has limitless
possibilities for disturbing the harmony and order of our lives.  

This wicked idea is emanating from an illusory source – from the "sea of mental garbage" –
and not from the Mind of God. Each time we break the lie-message before us in our own
consciousness and refute a distortion of Truth in picture-form, so that we are healing our
own consciousness of accepting it, we are spreading Light into the world; and that Light is,
little by little, dissolving the false, but seeming, "power" of that idea as it shines out into the
world. We are not to be passive in the face of world threats, but to pray to behold the Divine
Truth, under all circumstances and at all times.  

If we use the internet wisely and with gratitude, it will not bring us problems. We must not be
forgetful of the dualistic nature of all things in the phenomenal world, forgetful of the
opposites or "flipsides" inherent in the thought-system of the form-world, as we gradually
learn to "Cherish No-thing." If we are learning to live habitually as a transparency of Divine
Love-Intelligence, we are spared many unpleasant experiences.  A transparency cannot be
a target; it is invisible, thus below the radar and out of range.

Being hacked and its accompanying loss of privacy is a warning; so, if it occurs, beware, not
ashamed or embarrassed. We need to see that it is a "yellow light" to be careful how we are
making use of the internet, or making overuse of it, to see what kinds of thoughts we are
entertaining when we are engaged in activity on the internet, where our attention is
fascinated, and correct any invalid directions in which it might be drawing us. An effective
guard/"password" is a spiritualized consciousness.

The worldly nets and traps and networking (and internet-working!) have been on the planet
since we have. "Leave your nets, and follow me [my teaching],” was the advice of our wise
and enlightened guide, Jesus.

***For more about how to pray effectively for the world, click on to  "Timeless Thoughts" for
A Meta Mission Statement: A Prayer for the Globe."
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