Read at the PAGL Associates Meeting in New York City in May 2007
by Susan von Reichenbach

The most powerful and liberating, healing and resurrecting truth for me, to use a musical term, is
the crescendo occurring in my own awareness as it blooms into the Soundless Music of
Oneness.  There is only the One, and from it, all Life flows and all Love glows; and there is no
fear or worry or anxiety, and the tendency to judge and criticize weakens, because as the Truth
dawns on us, the mental content of the sense of person begins to dissolve; “self and other”
reliance slowly evaporates; “death” becomes deathless; the “dread of nonbeing” diminishes, and
we can laugh at the dream and be comfortable in it even when our passing circumstances might
be experienced as uncomfortable.  To explore the truth of Oneness, which liberates us from the
endless see-saw of this world’s self- confirmation and self-destruction, we could make good use
of Metapsychiatry’s juxtapositional method to see what Truth is NOT.

Dr. Hora, path-breaking psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, and founder of Metapsychiatry, has said:  
“The phenomenal world is both symbolic of Life and a counterfeit at the same time -- it is a world
of symbolic structures.”**   Now, a symbol is something which points beyond itself to what is real,
and a counterfeit is a fake, a copy, an imitation of something real.  This means that appearance,
form and the material substance of this world is not real, and is, therefore, not God’s Creation.

In this vein, Dr. Hora boldly states: “Phenomena falsify the true nature of Reality.”** Therefore,
like Moses, who turned away from the phenomenon of the burning bush in order to understand
the divine message emanating through it, we must also turn away from seeking the truth of God
– or divine Reality – in the phenomena of this world.  As a Zen teacher expressed it:  “If you want
to see the truth,contemplate that all phenomena are lies.”

For instance, man or woman the phenomenon is a lie.  Recalling Metapsychiatry’s definition of
the phenomenon of the body is relevant, seeing that the body is “an externalization of thought”.  
We know that thoughts tend to take visible form.  What, then, is the thought that is externalizing
as a body?  It is the thought of separation.  If we take a look at the universal allegory of creation
in Genesis, we will get some clues as to the “meaning”– or mental equivalent – of the body-
form.  The Genesis story tells us that God created a perfect spiritual universe where all that was
needed had already been created – and it was “very good” – Good without an opposite.

It was a Garden of Eden-Paradise Consciousness, the “Kingdom of God,” our pure and perfect,
eternal Dwelling Place as “living souls.” (This description tells us about the nature of the Reality
which is falsified by phenomena.).  In this story, man appeared out of a “mist,” an illusion as Dr.
Hora explained it, and Eve was created from him to companion with him.  However, our symbolic
prototypes, Adam and Eve, developed relationship ties and lost sight of God. (Sound
familiar?!).  This perspective made them vulnerable to a corrupted, deceitful, serpentine
thought, which slithered into the Garden of Eden Consciousness, seducing and influencing them
to reach outside of themselves, outside of the Kingdom of God, for their good in order to
enhance their life experience, urging them to believe they could be satisfied or completed
outside of God’s perfect spiritual Universe.  This distorted message, which we have all received
as truth, implies that we have a life apart from the infinite and perfect Goodness of God, and that
there even is a “good” or a life which can exist separate from or outside of the Divine

We are still living the Adam and Eve lie today, believing ourselves to be a self-existent person
with an independent mind and will and life of our own – which, by the way, we believe we must
also manage!  In the instant we accepted that lie, the illusory world appeared to support and
give credence to the mistaken idea, and this world became our collective experience.  In this
light, we can begin to see this world as a “counterfeit reality” – a fake, a Godless imitation of
Divine Reality – which is constructed on a lie.  Its intention is to distract us from realizing the
Christ-consciousness within where the truth of Oneness awaits our discovery.  Everything in the
phenomenal world undermines the Truth-of-Being; it encourages and maintains the lie-message
of separation, which our bodies seem to bespeak.  Thus, man the phenomenon and woman the
phenomenon, and the phenomenal world in which they live and move and have their false being,
are nothing more than the experience of the illusory idea of separation in visible form.

Metapsychiatry exposes lies, but the inspired consciousness of Dr. Hora corrected them; and, it
corrected this lie by depicting our identity and place in God’s creation as follows:  “Every
individual is an infinite consciousness in the Infinite Divine Consciousness, and all that is needed
comes from that Consciousness”.**  Understanding this spiritualized vision of ourselves
transforms the contents of consciousness and can save us from trying to find God in this
distorted reality, from trying to reconcile an All-Loving God and Perfect Reality with the
phenomena of wars, violence, terrorism, disease, misery, poverty, pollution, and even the
phenomena of so-called “natural” disasters; it can save us from trying to have a relationship with
God, from trying to find existential fulfillment or satisfaction in this world or from it, and it can
save us from trying to change ourselves and a world which is founded on a lie.  But, looking on
the bright side, our revered teacher also said, “Lies can be useful”, because they can point us to
a truth.  In turn, it is always some aspect of divine truth which has power to  transform us and the
world, and never an idea which finds its source in human calculative thinking.   The problem is,
as Dr. Hora reiterated, that the form and our fascination with it tend to obfuscate our ability to
realize the invisible truth that lies beyond it.  

When Moses was confronted by the angel in the bush, which was “burning but not consumed,”
the Bible says, “He turned aside to see” (EX 3), in our language, he “mind-fasted” from the
picture in order to see the divine message.  If Moses had been fixated on and fascinated by the
phenomenon and not taken his eyes off the bush, he would not have been available to God to
receive the illuminating truth-message in consciousness (which he must have been seeking).  
The message which reached Moses, as Dr. Hora clarified it for me, is immortality; death “burns
up” phenomena but does not consume us.  And, then, God revealed Itself to Moses with the
words:  “Here am I . . . where you stand is holy ground.”  And, we could add, wherever you stand
is “holy ground”.  The “Holy-ness” of the Infinite One extends into all life forms, infusing and
animating them with Its Presence.  It is always the Omniactivity of this divine dynamism which
brings beauty and goodness into the planet Earth.

So, like Moses (who may have been the first biblically recorded student of Metapsychiatry!), we
must refuse to be hypnotized by the form-world of the “burning bush”; we must not confuse God’
s perfect, invisible, eternal Creation with the forms or counterfeit appearances through which It
permeates, and thereby be led to believe that God created form-life.

Once again, the body offers an example in that it is both symbolic and a counterfeit at the same
time.  The body demonstrates an amazing structure of intelligence, harmony, perfect rhythm and
order; our eyes and ears and “minds” are not autonomous or personal faculties, as we are
taught to believe, but individualized symbolic representations of the One, All-Seeing, All-
Knowing, ever-present Awareness, which is synonymous with God.  Thus, man, seen
symbolically, sheds light on the truth of Existence by his existence, even though the appearance
is a counterfeit.

As consciousness, man is capable of manifesting Divine Love-Intelligence in the human
experience, and can become aware of his divine potential to be a perfect, unbroken expression
of the One.  Dr. Hora sums it up perfectly:  “There is no existence apart from God – God and His
creation are one.”  There is only One Mind, One Perfect Life, One Love-Intelligence, One Infinite
Goodness, One Eternal One, and as Its individualizations, each one of us has the infinite
potential to partake of Oneness in Its entirety.

Seeing some aspect of our already-existing Oneness is the way to heal every single problem in
our lives – every trouble, difficulty, lack, sadness, disappointment, tragedy, symptom, sickness,
disease, and global disturbance – so it is the most sacred of prescriptions for our overall well-
being.  As we are each, individually, able to confront the lie of separation in our own
experiences, in all its unrighteous guises, and understand the body and the mind are one, and
that, in the end, there is only Mind or Consciousness, we will really begin to be free.

As with Christ, so with us.  When we can completely transcend the idea of any aspect of our
existence as separate from the One, and see the body and the world of appearances as merely
a false belief taking visible form in a counterfeit mind, then the body and this illusory world will
disappear from our consciousness as it did for Christ.  Gradually freeing the mind of the lie of
separation invites the liberating truth to emerge as a self- revealing presence, and we will see
life as Oneness. The words of the Christ are reassuring and remove any sense of personal
burden from us:  “When the spirit of truth comes, it will guide you into all truth” (JN 16:13).  As we
lean more and more on the Truth of our Being, as undivided from the Source, eternally and
completely dependent on At-one-ment for our good and guidance and very existence, we can
appreciate Dr. Hora’s simple, yet powerful, imperative:   

                                   “Learn to face life with nothing but God.” **

** These quotations can be found in Dr. Hora’s collection, “Encounters With Wisdom,
Volume One.”  All other quotations are from private sessions, classes or tapes.
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