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Articles by Susan von Reichenbach
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EPIDEMICS:  MetaCare for All     In the phenomenal world, sickness and disease are explained by
science and medicine through cause-and-effect reasoning, “judging by appearances,” and these reasons and
incorrect assumptions influence us to arrive at false conclusions which we then act upon. Dr. Hora discerns that, “The
body is a sermon in the flesh." All sicknesses find their source in an interaction thought — in consciousness — and
that is also where they can be healed. Epidemics spread NOT through the body but through the presence of infectious
or fearful ideas, and those
ideas can become widespread overnight, circulating the globe, and seeking any
unprotected consciousness that is vulnerable to receiving them. If we understand that contagion is mental, that our
minds have grabbed certain ideas which we can then manifest (because our thoughts tend to take visible form as our
experience), we can learn to transcend the “vibes” that potentiate diseases and the collective experience of epidemics.

Immunity:  The Secret Place of the Most High   In these times of highly contagious vibes, currently
labeled as the Coronavirus, and the fear which it is spreading across the globe, we need to be alert to go to "the secret
place of the Most High" (Psalm 91) where we are protected and thus become invulnerable to the world’s hype,
assaulting us over the airwaves. It is the holy "Place" where we are protected from ignorance, fear, and contagious
misinformation, and our access to It is through consciousness. It is the “ark,” metaphorically speaking, into which the
biblical figure Noah transported himself and his family to be protected in a time of great earthly peril (Gn 6-9). In this
sacred, nonlocal “Place,” which is Divine Consciousness, there is no danger, no violence, no contagion, NO pathology
— there is only Peace, Harmony, Order, and Perfect Life. “Thou art my hiding place,” declared the Psalmist (Ps 32:7).

Hypnotism and Joy     "The first sign of hypnotism is a loss of joy,” says Hora. The "downward drag" of the news
that surrounds us has a heavy pull on us, but s
eriousness is a “kill-joy” and the moment we are serious, we are
we have fallen asleep, and we are susceptible to accidents, illness, and conflicts. This condition must be
quickly identified and overcome before it has a destructive influence on us and its vibes do harm to our immediate
"Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not enter into temptation’’’ (Lk 22:45-46).

Addiction Cure: A Mind and Soul Alternative in Metapsychiatry   Journalist Roxane Assaf-
Lynn interviews Susan von Reichenbach for the Huffington Post on additictions and Metapsychiatry. Metapsychiatry
views addictions — like everything else — to be mental in nature, to find their genesis in thought and their correction in
thought. Unlike traditional approaches, Metapsychiatry is concerned with lifting the veils that reduce the addict's
awareness, keeping him numb to what he does not want to confront or remember. The work of Meta is to cleanse
consciousness of dreams, fantasies, wishful thinking, envy, rivalry, fear, anger, blame, and guilt, to draw out the
hidden, misguided thoughts to be healed, so they are no longer repressed and their energies cannot urge an
individual toward further destructive behavior.   

Orlando Massacre    When horrifying images of suffering that bring sadness and despair are impressed upon a
consciousness, it can become fearful and distracted because it is directed away from the Truth of Divine Perfection
and the Power and Love that really govern us and where our comfort and safety lie
. Contemplating Principle #10 (“The
understanding of what really is abolishes all that seems to be”) erases the picture from our individual consciousness;
and every time it is erased in our minds, we are helping to erase it in the world, so Light can enter. "The Light shines in
the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it" (Jn1:5).

The Battle of Many Minds   The Bible says there is only One Mind, the Mind of Christ, and besides this Mind
there is no other mind. The whole universe is under Divine Mind’s control and Power, but mostly people do not see it
because they are dreaming. As we watch the ongoing presidential candidate debates there is a very powerful
impression that this world consists of billions of separate minds that cannot find harmony with one another. It is a vivid
example of what Hora describes as the unenlightened activity of humankind in the "dream of life in interaction" --  
people hypnotized into acting and talking as if they have minds of their own. We are lost in this counterfeit reality, this
unreality, until we are awakened. However, on the bright side, it is good to know, that "Lies can be useful."  As the Zen
maxim states, “If you want to know the truth, then contemplate that all phenomena are lies."

Transsexuality / Transgenderism   In metaphysical work, we know that looking for our identity in a
physical self will never lead us to enlightened life.  Maleness and femaleness are not anatomical but spiritual — they
are qualities of consciousness — gender is quality (not form).  If we know who and what we are and what our real
purpose is to transcend the dream of life in personhood, which includes our sexual form, our interest and concerns
about the issues of sexuality will gradually disappear, and our focus can shift to healthier concerns.

Discretion Preserves Us   This article is designed to respond to the recent terrorist attacks in Paris at the
offices of the satirist magazine, "Charlie Hebdo."  The issues of provocation, intimidation, unhealthy satire, and what
freedom of the press really means, are examined through the Meta lens. The current violence erupting around the
planet is tangled up in the ignorance of self-confirmation and interaction thinking. However, we need to understand
and overcome the prevailing fear and distressing occurrences moving "to and fro" across our troubled planet, so as to
heal our own consciousness of fear and confusion and be effective instruments for God. Metapsychiatry always points
us to realize a spiritual solution, regardless of any disturbing picture to the contrary.

Isis or IS System    Where our thoughts dwell is what we serve. Whatever we are interested in can easily slip into
becoming what we "serve.” We need to be careful where we put our attention and our interest. In these troubled times,
it is possible to become riveted by news reports concerning threatening phenomena that can hypnotize us away from
focusing our attention on the divine IS System where our help and salvation lie.....

Obliterating the self ~ the false human identity    If we are interested in going beyond “personhood”
and realizing enlightened life,  we need to contemplate ourselves in a new way.  Yen-Hui took this  path.  He studied,
mind-fasted and meditated for three years. When he returned to the world, he visited his Zen master to inform him,  
"Before I left to mind-fast and meditate, I thought there was a ‘Yen-Hui’,' but now I know there never was a ‘Yen-Hui’.”  
His master responded,"You are enlightened."

Hippocrates    Current "health care" issues are based on a misperception of the true nature of physical problems,
asserting that illness is real, and all manner of physical problems must be treated through the body. "When we rely on
medications and drugs, no one learns anything spiritual . . . The mind and the body are not separate entities:  the body
is the mind [externalizing] and
the mind is the body . . . All problems [including sickness] are psychological, and all
solutions [including health] are spiritual” (Thomas Hora, MD).

All is Well    All IS Well is a form of beholding -- a way of seeing that whatever a picture might appear to be --
a delay, a postponement, an unexpected calamity, or a disrupting situation -- the truth of God's Love and Perfection is
right there moving through it, adjusting, correcting, harmonizing and healing.  “Learn to face life
with nothing but God” (Thomas Hora, MD).

Topless Ignorance     Many individuals were shocked by the news report of one of Hollywood’s movie stars and
her voluntary double-mastectomy as a “preventive medicine” measure. The choice for such a drastic surgery is an
example of the kind of idea presented to us from the "sea of mental garbage."  "When we rely on medications and
drugs [and surgery], no one learns anything spiritual . . ." (Thomas Hora, MD).

Beyond Threats    We must pray and be alert, in order not to go to sleep in the news reports, not to believe
them, but instead to militate against them in consciousness. We must protect our consciousness from being afraid,
and in so doing, be an active instrument of the Infinite Cosmic Consciousness, to help to dissolve fear in the world . . .
It starts within each of us.

On Being Hacked     If "Nothing comes into experience uninvited" (Principle #7), then what could it mean
that we "invite" being hacked?  As a computerized society, such activity has limitless possibilities for disturbing the
harmony and order of our lives.  Examining, as we do in Meta work, every troublesome experience to demonstrate the
"Law of Correspondence," and being willing to be embarrassed about even small occurrences, we can gain valuable
understanding that helps us to purify the consciousness, in order to gradually "overcome the world," and, so, be
enabled to see more clearly.

Epiphany    The Epiphany refers to the experience when the star from above lit the way for the Wise Men through
the darkness to find the place where they could realize the Christ, the Light of the world. Dr. Hora expands the
understanding beyond this story to see an "epiphany" as a moment of divine revelation when a transcendent "light"
from above breaks into our consciousness through the darkness of our human experience and bestows on us a
divine gift, a spiritual truth, an insight that is "enlightening" or transforming....

Meta Christmas Message    The birth of the Christ-consciousness is the celebration of this day. Christmas
marks the appearance of a beautiful paradigm for all humanity -- not to be worshipped, but to be replicated.

Ascension ~ The Unstoppable Life!    The crucifixion points to the irrelevancy of experience and the
infinitude of Life. The Resurrection calls us to . . . be liberated from the bondage of the human condition  . . . and
to reach the joyful and enlightened state that Jesus showed us . . .

A Benediction    This benediction is offered as a universal blessing:  to liberate us from the illusory belief that
death is real or that life can end.

Calling Meta #911     When faced with an emergency, we need to remember “radical reliance on God.”  

A Compassionate Comment    "Discretion shall preserve thee; Compassion shall heal thee;
Understanding shall save thee;  Secretiveness will destroy thee."

The "One" Truth    “If you want to see the truth,contemplate that all phenomena are lies” and “Learn to
face life with nothing but God.”

The Cosmic Song      Music is divine, “an invisible gift from an invisible Source." All life is vibration. The entire
Universe is Music. We are living in a Cosmic Song!
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