By Susan von Reichenbach

Many individuals were shocked by the recent horrifying news report about one of Hollywood’s
high visibility movie stars and her voluntary double-mastectomy as a “preventive medicine”
measure. Understandably so…  

The choice for such a drastic surgery is an example of the kind of idea presented to us from,
what we in Metapsychiatry call, the "sea of mental garbage." The "sea of mental garbage"
describes that repository of worldly ideas that designs and perpetuates the experiences of
unenlightened life that are endlessly troubling us and that tend to manifest as our problems, as
we move through the human condition. Regrettably, this kind of surgery will now probably take
on a new wave of contagion. Women will flock to be like this glamorous movie star -- "brave,"
"courageous," and "sexy without breasts" - -seeking admiration and sympathy for their
experience, unwittingly glorifying the self and exalting mutilation. Whether we talk about this
actress's butchered breasts or the imminent removal of her ovaries, we still talk about her, and
that's what "self-confirmation" and "self-destruction" are all about -- recognition of the self even if
it means to cause it injury.

This high profile actress has set up a dangerous paradigm, and it will almost certainly reiterate;
maybe it will even become a fad. Insurance companies and some doctors will make out like
bandits, spreading fear and distress regarding a disease that does not originate in the body but
in the contents of consciousness, a dis-ease that can be healed through spiritual understanding,
a dis-ease that has a “meaning,” i.e., a mental equivalent, and not a cause, as is clarified in and
taught as a way of life in Metapsychiatry.

“Nothing can exist in the body or out of the body that is not [first] in consciousness. If we want to
be healed when problems, difficulties or sickness arise, then consciousness has to be brought to
an awareness of its perfect harmony in God. God IS our Life, and there is no other Life but that
One -- and that Life is perfect always" (Thomas Hora, MD, Founder of Metapsychiatry).

Such harmful action as this Hollywood actress chose, being hypnotized into thinking that a
double-mastectomy could be "preventive medicine" or ensure her "health" or protection from a
future cancer diagnosis, informs us of the extent of the nefarious influence of some members of
the medical profession, its ignorance in general about the dynamic of illness and health, and its
refusal to explore beyond the physical/material realm for real answers and metaphysical
solutions. It certainly offers this deluded movie star self-promotion, but at what a cost!  A recent
news report stated that this renowned film actress is making her "post-double mastectomy
'debut' on the red carpet in London." There's no end to hearing about this hideous experience.
"What will it profit a [woman] if she gains the whole world [publicity, fame, applause, wealth,
transitory self-glorification], and loses her soul [loses the opportunity to come to know for all
eternity the blessings of a life awakened to the Perfection of Divine Reality]?"  (MT16:26).

It is shocking to witness such an unenlightened choice, when those whom we turn to in our
fearfulness and confusion to guide us -- so called "healers" -- are ignoring what is available to
be known, thinking they know when they know not. It is deeply disturbing to consider the
damaging influence this idea will most likely have on others who might be in similar situations
and who are suggestible to such misleading propaganda, believing it to be a wise choice
because no other is available to them. The ripple effect of this news story poses a real danger to
vulnerable individuals.

To be disfigured under the guise of "Good" is a hellish experience in the dream-world of life as a
self-existing person. The entire nasty business is a Godless illusion, and no true reflection of the
Whole and Perfect Life available to us in the Infinite Consciousness. To bring to our awareness
the truth about disease and healing, we have turned to the true healers, the mystics and
metaphysicians. Science and medicine have been advocating this painful and unnecessary
double-mastectomy surgical procedure for a while, a procedure that has, even from a carnally
minded perspective, absolutely no guarantee nor proof of effectiveness. And, now, the anti-
Christ (the ignorance that would subvert our knowledge of God) has finally found a poster girl,
and that is a great shame.

Medicine treats the body, and is looking in the wrong place for its answers. Unfortunately, that is
the way it will be until more folks come to see that there is a valid and effective alternative that is
not invasive or harmful; but this alternative requires re-education. Medicine and certain urgent
surgeries have their place in human experiential life, and these will maintain their grip on people
at the mortal-minded level of existence until mankind is ready for a more enlightened approach,
the kind Jesus offered. Until the medical profession seeks to see the true origin of all illness as
mental (i.e., in thought), and consciousness as the sole reality, it will misguide its patients,
possibly into more suffering. Metapsychiatry does not treat the body -- it treats the contents of
consciousness, showing us the way out of physical problems, and how to be free of the fears
attached to body issues. "The body is a sermon in the flesh" (Thomas Hora, MD). We just need
to be willing to see more than what meets the eye -- or MRI.

One cannot help wonder in considering these ideas how it is that the medical profession has the
false impression that a dis-ease is confined to a particular body part, and that if that body part is
$urgically excised, the disease (in our vocabulary, the "diseased or invalid thought-energy")
would not be able to enter our body. We are advised we would then be pronounced “safe” by
enduring an elected assault on our bodies, living with its physical and psychological scars, and
then a lifetime of test$ and “follow-up” procedure$. If, as most doctors believe, a disease
happens from some "cause" -- external or genetically inherited--for which they have absolutely
no surefire evidence -- then how do they think they can control it or its movement?  In over 50
years of his practice, Metapsychiatry's Founder, psychiatrist Thomas Hora, identified the nature
of all diseases to be mental (thoughts taking visible form), and not the result of a cause in the
physical realm. The assumption that it is otherwise, of medicine and doctors, would seem to be
based on “judging by appearances” and hubris. Contagion is mental, too, and based on fear.
Fear spreads and can become a "reality."

In Metapsychiatry, we are keenly aware that a self-confirmatory/self destructive thought-energy
can find many places to lodge. Thought, as energy, is not restricted to manifest in just one
place; it can appear and disappear, depending on the thoughts we are entertaining. “Preventive
medicine” in Meta work involves an ongoing process of the purification of the contents of our
individual consciousness through the diligent practice of the “Two Intelligent Questions”;
“preventive medicine” is the mental hygiene that includes spiritual study, prayer and meditation
on a daily basis, living at all times under all conditions -- to the best of our abilities -- in the
context of the One Infinite Perfect Life, which is God.

Thanks be to God for the gift of truth in the world as it is expressed in Metapsychiatry. This
authentic teaching clarifies the invisible dynamic of thoughts in all our troublesome experiences,
including sicknesses and imbalances, leading us out of the darkness of illness, disease and
tribulations, into the glorious Light of knowledge and wisdom, understanding, healing and
ultimately liberation. Meta work holds our feet to the fire. If we can really give its approach to
healing a chance, and practice "radical reliance on God," we will be blessed as well as healed.   

"The body is a sermon in the flesh.......When we rely on medications and drugs [and surgery], no
one learns anything spiritual.......All problems [including sickness] are psychological [finding their
origin in certain thoughts and value systems], and all solutions are spiritual [requiring the
realization of some aspect of divine truth that corrects the thought manifesting as the sickly
condition]."  (Thomas Hora, MD)

Suggested reading: Dr. Hora’s booklet, “Healing through Spiritual Understanding.”
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