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Transexuality / Transgenderism
the MetaWay
by Susan von Reichenbach

We are recently made more aware of transsexual/transgender issues through the hype
around Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s involvement with them, and so it has evoked the question
from some Meta students as to what light Metapsychiatry might cast on the subject.  
Meta defines and clarifies the issue thus:

Transsexuality/transgenderism is looking for one’s identity through sexual form and
gender definition, based on envy (wanting to have what someone else has) and jealousy
(wanting to be what someone else is); seeking human assurance and approbation through
the experience of acquiring the physical characteristics of the opposite sex; pretending to
be something one is not; an hypnotic, seductive fantasy that suggests life would be better
in a different appearance and experience. A “gender bender” is one who, through dress
and behavior, or physical manipulation, appears to be a member of the opposite sex.  

The issue here seems to be one of identity and looking for one’s identity in a self. However,
neither sexual form nor gender definition are our true identities, and manipulating
appearances through various drugs and treatments will never
transform an individual —
altering appearances just gives the illusion of change. Pretending to be what we are not,
whatever confusion there might be in one’s thoughts about that issue, cannot be corrected
by making the body or the self look different — this ambivalence can only be corrected in
consciousness (where it finds its source), through compassion, and a realization of the
knowledge of the truth-of-our-being. Coming to know our eternal, indestructible nature as
spiritual, not physical — as consciousness, not a body — can correct and heal invalid and
distorted ideas about who and what we really are, give us real and enduring assurance,
and raise our awareness to come to know a higher purpose in life. (See
Prayer of 4 Ws **.)  

Metapsychiatry views all sexual issues as based on envy. Thus transsexual and
transgender issues have at the source of them envy and jealousy — “
wanting to have what
another has or to be what another is
” — the “four horseman.” Men desiring to be women,
and women desiring to be men, have the same invalid idea in common — life would be
better with what another has, in another experience in which to confirm the self (which also
destroys the self). “
Self-confirmation is self destruction — self destruction is self-
.”  When our focus is on the self, how we “feel,” craving new experiences
through the fleshly mind and sensory organs, especially getting lots of attention for our
internal or external conflicts, promoting a self through the process, and pampering and
fussing over the body, we will move farther and farther away from Truth, which is our exit
door from human suffering, and deeper and deeper into the illusion. We can see in the
current Jenner story how the dynamic is moving deeper into self-confirmation/self-
destruction: "Caitlin’s" sex change invites self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, and even
financial gain, due to its bizarre nature; and vanity and ambition become strengthened.

In metaphysical work, we know that looking for our identity in a physical self will never lead
us to enlightened life; it is ultimately a self-confirmatory and self-destructive activity. One of
the goals of Metapsychiatry is to help individuals find their Peace and Assurance, their
Good, Love, and Life in at-one-ment and ultimately their freedom in the knowledge of their
true identity as spiritual. God said, “
Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…
male and female
[spiritual qualities]” (Gen 1:26). We are already complete, and,
Metapsychiatry clarifies, before Eve was taken out of the body of Adam, Adam must have
had a woman inside of him. Dr. Hora quips that Adam is demonstrating that he was
“bisexual,” whole, encompassing both the qualities of maleness and femaleness.  Hence he
goes on to say, the female has never been removed from the male, and the male has
never been taken out of the female. God is male and female, and as Its “
image” and
likeness,” we are each already complete individualities.  Sexual relationships with the
opposite or the same sex do not complete us — that is a false idea — they actually
entangle us in the friction of interaction. Maleness and femaleness are not anatomical but
spiritual — they are qualities of consciousness — gender is quality (not form — sex is the
form we take in the form world). There is much resistance to this understanding, because
the drive for fusion through sexual activity on the material plane is very strong — “getting”
completeness from another; but we need, whether hetero-, homo-, bi-, trans-sexual, or
lesbian, to see we are each already whole and perfect individuals in the One.
Metapsychiatry makes no judgement regarding sexual deviations — it is interested in
shedding a compassionate light on them. All that is needed to heal whatever deviation is
manifesting is to be guided to behold our already existing completeness as spiritual beings
with both maleness and femaleness already within us each. We do no need to reach
outside of ourselves to find wholeness.

What is helpful to individuals who have the tendency toward such inclinations is to become
acquainted with their true identity and spiritual purpose here in the human journey. If we
know who and what we are and what our real purpose is to transcend the dream of life in
personhood, which includes our sexual form, our interest and concerns about the issues of
sexuality will gradually disappear, and our focus can shift to healthier concerns. The desire
for pleasure/pain experiences will no longer drive mankind to such deluded fantasies about
a self that enlightened awareness informs us does not even really exist!  Jesus shows us
the way out of all sexual issues: “
When you make the two into one, and what is within like
what is without, and what is without like what is within, and what is above like what is below,
and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male is no
longer male and the female no longer female…then shall you enter the Kingdom
” (Gospel
of Thomas, log. 22). Beyond the dualistic thought system of self-confirmation, we find
Oneness, that blessed state of wholeness beyond form, gender definition, appearances,
and experiences.

** The 4 W's can be found in Meta Prayers and Principles, page 26.