The following excerpts are direct quotations from the works of Metapsychiatry,
words written or spoken by Thomas Hora, M.D. This group of ideas was originally
designed for's first website in 1997to reflect the teaching and offer “tastes”
of it to the passer-by. Each excerpt contains an insight, a clarification or a powerful
healing message, and can be useful as a short meditation. No citations are offered
because the ideas were collected from several different sources and, sometimes,
woven together to expand on an idea.



Prayer is a constant, conscious endeavor to behold our identities as spiritual and
our true place as existing in divine Reality. As we listen for the inspired ideas
which God is constantly bringing to each of us, we are guided. God helps us every
moment of life with what we need to know, but we must learn to listen. Our
problems can dissolve, and unexpected solutions can appear. These are the
“‘fruits” of effective prayer. Effective prayer is not petitioning or asking God for
anything. he essential issue in all prayer is seeing: expanding consciousness to
see more of nondimensional, perfect life, opening our viewpoint into infinite
Reality. [We use the metaphor of the wave and the Ocean to grasp this idea of
seeing: we are each waves, individualized manifestations of the Ocean of Love-
Intelligence. The Ocean maintains and sustains us, animates and supports us –
there is no life without the Ocean. We are made of the same substance as the
Ocean which is Spirit. So if a wave were to pray to the ocean, it would not pray to
find the ocean or reach the ocean or beg the ocean to take care of it, it would pray
to see that it already existed perfectly in the ocean.]


Consciousness and spiritual healing:

Every individual is an infinite consciousness within the divine Consciousness,
and all that is needed comes from this Consciousness. [This Consciousness is
synonymous with what Jesus called the "Kingdom of God" - Mk 12:34  Lk. 9:6 and
Jn. 3:3.]  Awareness is an event within [our individual] consciousness which is
constantly taking place; this kind of existence [whereinis unlimited Love-
Intelligence [divine Life]. God, divine Reality, perfection, harmony already is,
everywhere, not only on the planet earth, but in the entire universe. We pray to see
this perfect Reality.

If we are interested in realizing this Reality, we will be quiet and turn away from all
fantasies and distractions and cherish moments of complete peace and stillness.
Once this consciousness is realized, healings take place within us and within all
that comes in touch with divine Consciousness. Just as we don’t have to have
memories anymore, we don’t have to be sick anymore, and we don’t have to have
problems anymore.

To human sense, the unlimited Love-Intelligence comes to us as an awareness
of peace, assurance, gratitude and love (PAGL), and in reaching this awareness,
neither discord, nor illness, nor disharmony, nor suffering has any possibility to
exist. This is the secret of spiritual healing.


Man is consciousness and receives ideas:

Man is consciousness. Consciousness is a quality of our being which makes it
possible for us to be aware of ideas. Consciousness has the faculty of being
aware of being aware.

Consciousness does not produce ideas, just as a radio does not produce music.
A radio receives the music, and man receives ideas. There is a direct connection
between God and that consciousness which man is. Cosmic Consciousness is
another name for God. Man cannot reach up to God; man is [already] connected
with God and inseparable from God as consciousness.


“I and my Father are One:”

There is no existence apart from God, and there is no God apart from His creation.

______________________________________________________ be continued
Excerpts from Metapsychiatry to Contemplate
From the Works of Thomas Hora, M.D.

Arranged and edited by Susan von Reichenbach
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Aging is an accumulation of unresolved conflicts or grievances
which manifest as an appearance of growing older. In the experience
of growing older, our unloving, interpersonal thoughts tend to
increase. Dissolution of unloving thoughts requires engaging in the
regular practice of compassion [for our own ignorance and for the
ignorance of those who have an impact on our lives]. Rivalry, envy,
ambition, tyrannical thinking, judgmentalism and our own fantasies,
clutter up consciousness and can even interfere with the Power of
Recall which seems to be an issue as we get older. [The Power of
Recall is a faculty of Divine Mind, the All-Seeing, All-Knowing Mind of
God which is the only Mind. In truth, there is no such personal faculty
as remembering – it belongs to the “filing cabinet” of the counterfeit
mind. Leaning on the divine faculty of Recall, whatever is needed will
be “remembered” – “re-called” to awareness. What is not needed is
clutter and a distraction from conscious at-one-ment.] The collective
belief about the aging process is so strong that we are influenced to
accept it. The more we are time-bound and think finitely, the more we
are inclined to experience aging. However, seeing ourselves as
nondimensional consciousness, living in the infinite context of God
which exists beyond the illusion of time and death, can actually slow
down the aging process. What is needed, in order to be rejuvenated,
is contemplation of Perfect Love and our already existing place in It.
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