“We Live in a Mental Universe”

We can never reconcile an All-Loving God with certain phenomena of the
human condition — with violence, wars, terrorism, murder, economic
collapse, disease, epidemics, poverty, pollution, so-called “natural”
disasters, severe weather conditions or unexpected calamities.These
phenomena are not random acts of God nor divine  chastisements nor
the work of an evil power. A supremely loving God knows nothing of
these occurrences. There is no mystery to these events: they are the
outpicturing of mankind’s harmful collective thought-energies, the binding
together of huge amounts of ignorant thoughts, which explode into the
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world as the phenomena we experience. These thoughts begin in our individual
consciousness (in our “household”). Just as energies with similar properties tend to
synergize, similar thoughts also tend to synergize with other like-minded thoughts, and then
they take visible form as conflict and destruction in our world. So every time we entertain
hurtful, angry, critical, judgmental, controlling, greedy, materialistic, jealous or malicious
thoughts (from the “sea of mental garbage”) or are estranged from God, we are individually
contributing to the planet’s demise.

However, it is not the will of God that Its creation suffer — not ever.  For God is a Principle of
nondual Good, which means Its Goodness has no opposite — there is neither suffering nor
any darkness in It. Therefore, it is necessary to correct our lack of understanding about
events in the human condition. Harmful and destructive events and experiences do not find
their source in God, but in our distorted thoughts. We need to acknowledge that in the
Universe of Mind, which is divine Reality, there is no suffering (no fear, no disease, no war,
no terrorist, no weapon of mass destruction, no “evil”). Then we need to clarify for ourselves
that these are the phenomena of ignorance. Although impressive and disturbing, they are
nonetheless just an appearance of highly-charged hostile thoughts, manifesting the mental
“garbage” which constitutes the global consciousness. Metapsychiatry directs us to see
rightly: we do not get involved in how we want the world to be or not to be; we do not get sick
over the world condition, nor do we run away from it. Instead we establish the truth of God’s
perfect spiritual Universe in our own consciousness; and each time we are able to do this,
each time we can see “what really is” — God’s perfect creation — we are contributing to the
healing of the world through our own transformation. We pray for the world in this way, first
confronting the contents of our own consciousness, cleansing it and healing it, knowing that
God is unconditional Love, and beholding the world as within God’s perfect governance,
regardless of appearances to the contrary. Contemplating the Prayer of Beholding (1)
enables us to see beyond the picture. And the “leaves of the tree” give us a message about
harmonious coexistence: there is neither friction of interaction among leaves, nor rivalry nor
greed, nor do leaves have a desire for a relationship with other leaves nor for control over
one another. The leaves let one another be, and they all find their source peacefully in the
same tree. This metaphor points to the Principle of Omniaction wherein “the healing of the
nations” can occur.

* “Everything everywhere is already all right.”