An entry from Meta Prayers and Principles.

Principle of Learning
What we understand, we do not have to remember;
and what we remember
[recite from memory],
we do not usually bother to understand.
This important Principle informs us that knowledge which is only intellectual is of little
value until it becomes realized – it must be understood and put into practice existentially
to the point where it validates itself by transforming our outlook on life and our mode of
being-in-the-world — otherwise, we are pretending to know what we only know about.
The process of learning involves discovery, realization and integration. The first step
usually involves an awareness of certain information; then an individual gains knowledge
and understanding of the information and begins to appreciate it; next, there follows an
interest in realizing this knowledge, a real desire to grasp it, and a yearning to find out if
it is really so. Metapsychiatry encourages us to be more interested in seeking truth-
realization and divine wisdom in order to learn to be “here for God,” than in gathering
information about truth (to talk about and show-off with).
“Along the way to knowledge,
many things are accumulated.
Along the way to wisdom,
many things are discarded.”

— Lao-tze
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