An entry from Meta Prayers and Principles.

Prayer of Right Knowing
The Prayer of Right Knowing is the ultimate prayer:  
it is a state of mind –
a quiet, wordless, constant acknowledgement
of the truth-of-being
and the perfection of divine Reality.
When something is missing or we think it is lost, we remind ourselves that Mind
sees perfectly. If we “bracket” * (set aside) our concern for the lost item, and
contemplate that “nothing is ever lost in the Mind of God,” the missing or “lost” item
may well appear or we will receive an inspired idea or solution to help us find it or
replace it. We must always remember that everything belongs to God and is under
the perfect control of divine Mind, regardless of appearances to the contrary.

In some circumstances, it may be helpful to apply Principle #7 of Metapsychiatry.
For example, if we lose our eyeglasses, or our wallet or purse is missing, or we
frequently misplace our keys, or our pets run away and are missing, discovering
the individual meaning of the experience and realizing a spiritual truth can enable
us to gain an insight from the loss. We can then understand Dr. Hora’s words,
“Loss is gain.” **

The practice of “bracketing” includes “mind-fasting”: we put any distracting or  disturbing
thoughts aside in “brackets,” and we “fast” from thinking about them while we listen to God.

** Meanings must be discerned specifically for each individual, so Metapsychiatry does not
generalize them.  However, missing or lost eyeglasses might, for example, mean we are not
seeing something clearly in our lives, or we don’t want to see something clearly in our lives; it
could also mean that we want to be seen or we don’t want to be seen. A missing or lost wallet
or purse could, for example, have a meaning around money (worry or fear about money, thinking
about loss of money, desire for more money) or it could be about an identity issue. If it is stolen,
it could even be about taking things that do not belong to us (for instance, taking credit from
another to glorify oneself, i.e., arrogating rights, ideas or property that are not ours to take).   
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