An entry from Meta Prayers and Principles.

Prayer of Right Seeing
Everything and everyone is here for God,
whether they know it or not.
The Prayer of Right Seeing will help to expand our capacity to behold all things in
the context of God, of infinite Mind, and to realize our individual divine purpose,
and thus to be useful to God. The ideas we entertain influence the way we see and
experience life. This particular prayer means to point to the truth that we are all
“living Souls” — awakened or unawakened — at unique points of evolution - and
this includes ourselves. We must see this truth no matter what distortion might
appear before us. We must elevate consciousness beyond the picture to the
spiritual realm of divine Love-Intelligence and consciously acknowledge the truth of
divine Reality. Meditating on this prayer will increase our capacity to see all beings
and all things with a compassionate eye. It will then be possible to “Love [see] thy
neighbor as thyself” (Mt. 19:19). Dr. Hora suggested that we prepare our
consciousness prior to business meetings, or any occasion about which we might
be anxious or concerned, by reminding ourselves in advance to see rightly the
individuals we are going to encounter. He called this approach, “Before You Say
Hello.” Taking a moment to attune consciousness to this prayer sets up
harmonious vibrations which can manifest as good for all concerned. The greatest
gift we can bestow on one another is this Prayer. We are blessed by blessing
others with our understanding of the truth of God.
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