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The purpose of The MetaWay™ is to faithfully preserve and
communicate the illuminating system of thought and methodology of
Metapsychiatry, also known as Existential Metapsychiatry, a spiritual
teaching developed by path breaking psychiatrist, Thomas Hora.
It aims to:

Our intention is to keep Metapsychiatry's liberating ideas alive and
fresh, infusing them with new inspirations and expanded
understanding of contemporary issues, while adhering to the purity
and spirit of the source, so that this teaching’s transformative
approach to everyday concerns can be available to a groaning world.

The suffering we encounter – psychological, physical, emotional,
economic, marital or professional – is always the materialization of
certain thoughts, of misguided values or belief systems, of which we
are usually unaware and do not realize are manifesting as our
troublesome experiences (explained in
Principle #7 of
Metapsychiatry).  The MetaWay seeks to dissolve our human
troubles and difficulties and their unwanted entanglements through
the purification and gradual spiritualization of consciousness, where
all discord finds its source as well as its ultimate solution or healing.
The Meta goal is spiritual enlightenment.  

The MetaWay views man and the universe in a metaphysical context,
seeing consciousness as the sole reality.  Dr. Hora has expressed it
this way:  “We live in a mental universe...Our thoughts manifest as
our experience...Nothing can exist in the body or out of the body that
is not [first] in consciousness.  If we want to be healed when
problems, difficulties or sickness arise, then consciousness has to
be brought to an awareness of its perfect harmony in God.  God is
our Life, and there is no other Life but that One – and that Life is
perfect always.”  

However, if we are ignorant of this Truth, and do not know how to
access It or align our consciousness with It, then we do not benefit
from Its Power and Goodness.  And we might be tempted to ask in
futility why God is not responding to us and, then, to make
unrighteous judgements about what God is. The MetaWay is
interested in “tuning” individuals, like instruments, into the Divine
frequency where God as Love-Intelligence becomes palpable, and
all that is needed to adjust, correct, harmonize or heal any situation,
awaits us.

Until we understand it is our impure thoughts that tend to manifest as
our individual and collective difficulties, experiences, sicknesses and
experiences, and come to see “thought as the basic stuff of life,” we
can never reconcile an All-Loving God with the picture of suffering
we see on Earth.  It is a revolutionary idea to come to see that God
knows nothing of human suffering.  For, “In Him there is no darkness
at all…” (I JN 1:5). If we confuse God's perfect, invisible Creation with
the forms through which It emanates, then it gives us the impression
that God created the form life, and the form life is not perfect. It is
built on a dualistic system of thought. God's Reality is the expression
of a perfect nondual thought system which is divine. The MetaWay
endeavors to shed light on this seeming paradox by offering
clarification of what is real and what is illusory, what is truth and what
is counterfeit, what is Eternal beneath the ephemeral, what is the
invisible Perfection obscured by the visible imperfection; and It
endeavors to communicate spiritually mature concepts of God,
beyond religious dogma, as well as a valid approach to prayer,
beyond petitioning, begging and bargaining with God, in order to
guide individuals to realize healing and wholeness through a  
spiritual understanding that renews.

It is not uncommon for us to be influenced and confused by worldly
thought-systems, by the contemporary suggestions and values that
the world promotes – about what is "good" and will make us happy,
and what is not "good" and will not make us happy, and what we
must do to be healthy and well, and how we should look and spend
our time and invest our money, and all manner of "advice"; but these
impulses from the world most often result in disturbance, discord,
anxiety, stress, sickness and even pain. A goal of the Meta approach
is to awaken individuals to see life beyond the dualistic thought
system of this world, a thought system of opposites (good-bad,
success-failure, right-wrong, loss-gain, pleasure-pain), and beyond
the illusion of separation existence, an illusion which we all are born
into and in which we all participate (that is, the universally
experienced idea that we have an existence apart from God or the
Infinite Perfect Life that God IS) and to lead seekers instead to see
the Christly or spiritual thought system of Oneness. The Meta work is
waiting for those who seek this truth and the ultimate freedom and
transcendence it bestows, in order that they might become truly
aware and assured of their already existing oneness in and absolute
inseparability from the Eternal One, where we all can experience
well-being, where life is good and beautiful, joyous and fulfilling.   
This state of consciousness is synonymous with enlightenment.   
Make Metapsychiatry's vast and comprehensive
body of knowledge as accessible as possible
without compromising the integrity of its
approach or popularizing it;
Impart Metapsychiatry's spiritual insights, its
existential wisdom and the semantic precision of
its specifically designed vocabulary, in order to
accurately reflect the foundation stones of the
teaching as it offers its work and unique
approach to healing into the world.
The MetaWay™ Mission
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Metapsychiatry came into the world...
to breathe the life of Spirit into the ‘valley of dry bones’  
(Ez. 37:1-6).  
---  Thomas Hora, M.D.
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the MetaWay
According to
Thomas Hora, M.D.

“Life is a school
whose only subject
is Divine Reality."

" We live
in a mental universe..."

comes into experience

"All problems
are psychological
and all solutions
are spiritual."

"Problems are lessons
designed for our edification."

“Phenomena falsify
the true nature of Reality.”

“Everything material is finite,
and it dies.  
But, in Spiritual Reality,
there is no death.”  

"We are each unique,
emanations of God.
As such,
our substance is spirit  –
like God’s.
We are already
at-one with the Source
of our life.
can be likened
to the wave and the ocean:
If a wave were praying,
it would not try
to reach the ocean.
The wave would pray to realize
that it was already in the ocean,
inseparable from the ocean.
It would pray to see
its already existing
inseparability from the ocean.
This metaphor
helps us to understand
at-one-ment –
the mystical union with God.
There are not two –
God and man –
there is only the One
and its individualized aspects:
God as man."

"In the end,
except God
is a metaphor.”

“Learn to face life
with nothing
but God.”
According to
The Tao Te Ching
of  Lao-tze

Would you like
to liberate yourself
from the lower realms of life?

Would you like
to save the world from the
degradation and destruction
it seems to be destined for?

Then step away from
the shallow mass movements
and quietly go to work
on your self-awareness.

If you want to awaken
all of humanity,
then awaken all of yourself.

If you want to eliminate
the suffering in the world,
then eliminate
all that is dark and negative
in yourself.

Truly, the greatest gift
you have to give
is that of
your own

According to the
Gospel of Thomas, 22

... When you make the two
into one

And what is within
like what is without,

And what is without
like what is within,

And what is above
like what is below,

And when you unite
male and female in one

So that the male is no longer male,
And the female no longer female...

Then you shall enter the kingdom.

According to Matthew 6:9-13
(literal translation of
The Lord's Prayer
from the Aramaic
by Rocco Errico)

Our Father who is everywhere,
Let Your name be set apart.

Come your Kingdom [counsel].

Let your desire be, as in the
Universe, also on the earth.

Provide us our needful bread
from day to day;

And free us from our offenses,
as also we have freed our

And do not let us enter
into temptation,
but separate us from error.

For belongs to You
the Kingdom,
the Power
and the Song
and Praise,

From all ages throughout all ages.