with links to entries from each book and to order the books.
Entries from the book available on-line include:
Meta Meanings Introduction.
Meta Meanings "Person" juxtaposed to "Presence".
Meta Prayers and Principles Introduction.
Meta Prayers and Principles Principle of Learning.
Meta Prayers and Principles Principle #5 of Metapsychiatry.
Meta Prayers and Principles Meditation on Psalm 23.
Meta Prayers and Principles Prayer of Right Seeing.

Descriptions of each book.
How to order the books.

A bibliography of Dr. Hora's books on Metapsychiatry and Ms. von Reichenbach's
MetaBooks and different methods for purchasing copies of these books.
About Metapsychiatry
About Thomas Hora, M.D.

Quotations from Thomas Hora, M.D. with brief commentary by Susan von Reichenbach.

Articles about Metapsychiatry, elucidating the Metapsychiatric system of thought on
different issues.

Brief description of and the individual whose work it reflects.

"Consciousness is the Sole Reality" II & III --- Saturdays:  March 30th & April 27th, 2013, 9:15 am ~
4:00 pm, at Guest House Retreat Center, Chester, CT

II: A Meta Prelude to Easter "Everything material is finite, and it dies; but in Spiritual Reality, there
is no death . . . Our divine identity cannot die, and this truth is comforting" (Dr. Hora).

III: "In the End, Everything Except God is a Metaphor" (Dr. Hora) calls on us to examine
the true nature of this world. Mystics over time and now physicists are pointing us toward ideas about the
non-material substance of the physical universe, the holographic nature of it, endeavoring to help
humanity to see more, in order to overcome our miseducation and the limitations of thought in which we
mostly live. Are we listening?

A selected list of concert and opera performances and press reviews related to
Susan von Reichenbach's singing career.

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