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Timeless Thoughts

“An experience is neither voluntary nor involuntary:  
it is
not involuntary."
--- Thomas Hora, M.D.

This brilliant use of a double negative reveals a subtle but
very significant point. Taking the language apart, we can see
that a troublesome experience is not something we consciously
wanted, chose or to which we consented -- it is, therefore,
"not voluntary;" and, yet, it is not something over which we
have no control -- which would make it "involuntary."

It is not deliberate on our part, but neither could the experience
occur without our (conscious or unconscious) participation
in some way. These words, "not involuntary," point us to the
world of meanings; they invite us to examine the contents of our
consciousness and reveal the Law of Correspondence.
Principle #7 of Metapsychiatry,
Nothing comes into experience uninvited,"
leads us to search consciousness until we can find the hidden
mental equivalent of an unpleasant or disturbing experience
and bring it up to the light of truth and love to be healed.
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