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                                                            Timeless Thoughts

A GARDEN FOR GOD  (The MetaWay version of an anonymous poem revised by Susan von Reichenbach)

First, plant 6 rows of Peas:    

                                                          practicing the Presence
                                                                      and PAGL.

Next, plant 7 rows of Squash:    

              squash anger and resentments
                         squash fault-finding and criticizing
                                    squash “shoulding”
                                               squash gossip
                                                          squash hatred
                                                                      squash judging by appearance and experience
                                                                                 squash interaction and self-confirmatory thinking.

Now, plant 8 rows of Lettuce:

              ...let us live and speak Truth
                         ...let us manifest nonpersonal, nonconditional benevolence
                                 …let us be compassionate
                                            ...let us listen and obey
                                                      ...let us learn “letting be”
                                                                  ...let us refuse “what seems to be”
                                                                     and insist on seeing “what really is”
                                                                             ...let us be here for God
                                                                                     ...let us glow for God.

Last, but not least, let us plant the hearty Turnip:

                 turn up as a presence
                             turn up with open-minded receptivity
                                        turn up with inspired wisdom and creative ideas
                                                   turn up in PAGL with gratitude and in joy
                                                               turn up filled to the brim with Love-Intelligence
                                                                         turn up interested in living the enlightened Life.

“I have made you for myself that you may show forth my glory” (IS 43:21).

May your “garden” reflect God’s glory.