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A Meta Mission Statement by Dr. Hora

transcribed from a class by Susan von Reichenbach and printed for
students at Dr. Hora's request

"Every student of Metapsychiatry has a mission in the world —
to spiritualize the mental climate in the world,
to heal the world of its ignorance.

When we watch television or listen to the evil reports on the
news or see pictures of evil, disease, contagion, disaster
[so-called natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, earth-
quakes], and refuse to be hypnotized by the picture, and
instead become aware of the truth of God's perfect,
harmonious universe, to the point that, in spite of what we see
and hear — political propaganda, [violence and terrorist
attacks], rumors of wars and even war itself — we can still
seek to attain PAGL for ourselves, then we have succeeded
in "overcoming the world."  Every time we succeed in realizing
PAGL in individual consciousness, it is like throwing a pebble
in a large body of water in which the waves keep radiating
further and further out, so that what blesses one blesses the
whole world.  And the more such individuals there will be in
the world, the better the world will be because the dreams will
not be permitted to spread and to create a contagion.  So, a
beneficial presence in the world has a very far-reaching effect
without even being able to perceive it or know it.

It is not necessary to be fully enlightened to be a beneficial
presence; one only needs to know how to pray.

Whatever blesses one individual is actually a blessing to the
rest of the world.  And there is no other way that one can
eventually conceive of, or realize, a world which will be
peaceful and harmonious, when "the earth will be filled with
the knowledge of the glory of God, as the waters cover the
sea" (Hab. 2:14). So, not only are we saving ourselves from
evil influences when we pray to see the truth, but we are also
benefiting mankind."

The Prayer of Right Knowing is the ultimate prayer:  It is a
state of mind
a quiet, wordless, constant acknowledgement
of the truth-of-being and the perfection of the Divine Reality.