“As seekers, we quest,
As finders, we’re blest.”

--- Susan von Reichenbach

Dr. Hora described seven kinds of students:  there is the
thinker, the knower, the dreamer, the hitchhiker and the thief,
whose modes of being in-the-world and, thus, motivation for
studying and class participation are discerned as existentially
invalid: misguided and corrupt.  Then, there is the seeker and
the finder.  (One Mind, pages 56-58).  Of the seven students,
the “seeker” and the “finder” are the only ones who are
motivated by existentially valid values and are, therefore,
sincere; and of these two, the “finder” is most blessed.  
Hence, the following rhyme:

“As seekers, we quest;
As finders, we’re blest.”

“You will seek me and find me
when you seek me with all your heart”  
(JER 29:13).  
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