“An enlightened man’s life is a work of Art.”

--- Thomas Hora, M.D.

An enlightened life is the manifestation of an illumined
consciousness, demonstrating itself in every holy instant as it
moves through the human condition.
   “An enlightened man’s life” is dedicated to all that is divine—
it is intelligent, loving, inspired, orderly, creative and
wholesome. It serves all that is noblest in mankind. It is “a work
of art” because it is full of grace and beauty, and in its
presence, our spirit is uplifted.
It is an authentic expression of God, always aware of its Source
and its eternal oneness in it.

   This life is beneficial—it leaves transformation and healing in
its wake. Jesus, the Christ, is our paradigm of an enlightened
life. He was, as Dr. Hora said, an “existential artist” and his very
existence was an exalted “work of art” for all of us to behold—
and to follow.
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