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Timeless Thoughts

“Love is paying attention”
--- Thomas Hora, M.D.

One of Metapsychiatry's definitions of love is
"paying attentiion."
Dr. Hora asks the question:  
"What is the payment that is being payed in paying attention?"
The answer, summed up, is that the payment that is being paid
is certain mental content:  
it is our cherished assumptions,
our "should" thinking,
the clutter of our darting thoughts,
which distract consciousness from
open-minded confrontation with the moment.
This is the "mental currency" we must sacrifice
in order to pay attention --
this is the "price to be paid"
to realize the loving state of consciousness.
Attention is a state of mental receptivity to whatever is.
"Since love is complete attention,
it must be undivided...
Love listens to hear:  
love is concerned with understanding."
The ability to pay attention manifests in a loving presence
which is fully present and, therefore,
available to divine inspiration for its response.
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