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“Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity.”
--- Thomas Hora, M.D.

When any form of human suffering brings us
to a point of critical need or desperation,
we can be willing to give up.
We surrender.
At the moment of surrendering,
when we really see we cannot solve our problem,
difficulty or sickness through any personal effort,
the One Life, which is God, can rush in
and fill us with whatever is needed in that instance
to adjust, harmonize or heal the situation and
guide us out of the darkness we find ourselves in.
“God helps those who let Him” (Principle # 5 of
Metapsychiatry). When we give up, we stop trying to figure out
our problem:
we stop blocking receptivity to
God’s omnipresent Presence of Goodness and Love –
and It can finally enter.
Thus it is that our suffering can bless us,
inviting us to realize God in a palpable way.
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