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"Without man, God could not be known.
God and Its creation are one."
--- Thomas Hora, M.D.

God and man, Its "image" and "likeness," are inseparable.

Every living form demonstrates its oneness with the One Life,
whether we see it or not.
God created us to manifest divine attributes and spiritual
qualities in order that Its Presence could be revealed.

Understanding the limitless nature of Creative Mind and that It
needs each of us through which to express Its infinitude,
gives new purpose and meaning to our lives.
It is the "built-in intentionality" of each of us to show forth the
love, intelligence, beauty, creativity, peace, harmony and order
to God's existence in our own unique ways in every simple
moment of our daily lives.
And the more conscious we are of this intentionality,
the more we will be able to fulfill our divine destiny and live
satisfying lives.

This is how we let God "be known"
and affirm our already-existing oneness in It.  
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