Published in February 2020
By Susan von Reichenbach

Dear Meta Friends,
Attached below is a discourse on EPIDEMICS, viewed from the Metapsychiatric perspective. It
seems relevant knowledge of which to be reminded in these times when the Coronavirus is
prominent in the news, and violence and hate, too, are so contagious. We must all remember
to stay alert and not become hypnotized — neither by physical appearances of sickness nor
by the disturbing vibes of fear circulating our planet in these turbulent times. As this
biblical imperative warns, one which Hora often quoted: "Be sober, be vigilant; because
your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour"
(1Peter 5:8). *    
Blessings in PAGL,

"Everything everywhere is already all right" (Prayer of Beholding)


An epidemic is defined as the phenomenon of an outbreak or a plague, which seems to spread
interpersonally but which Metapsychiatry identifies as finding its source in an hypnotic idea from
the “sea of mental garbage,” specifically that disease is contagious through the body and can thus
become widespread and dangerous, if not somehow arrested through containment and medical
intervention. However, Thomas Hora MD, founder of Metapsychiatry, discerned that diseases do
not find their source in the body but in some form of interaction thought in consciousness; and it is
in correcting those interaction thoughts that we can be healed. As Hora has said: “Nothing can
exist in the body or out of the body that is not first in consciousness. If we want to be healed when
problems, difficulties, or sickness arise, then consciousness has to be brought to an awareness of
its perfect harmony in God. God IS our Life — and there is no other Life but that One — and that
Life is perfect always.”

The false belief concerning the
nature of contagion is what generates epidemics. Contagion, just
like disease, is really mental, and disease can spread into an epidemic, or a pandemic, only
through accepting the invalid belief that certain sicknesses, whatever form they take, are physically
contagious, even sometimes “highly contagious;” and since that belief is “what seems to be” true
(because our belief systems — individual and collective — define and manifest as our human
experience), and because there is lots of propaganda to hypnotize us into believing it as well as the
affirming diagnostic labels given to sickness and disease by the medical profession, we, in turn,
can become fearful.  

Epidemics illustrate the infectious nature of fearful ideas and how the circulation of those ideas,
now with the support of advanced technology and social media, can become widespread overnight.
(Early in the 21st century, for instance, what was reported in the news as a concern over a single,
isolated outbreak of the SARS virus in Hong Kong on one day was reported as a flare-up of the
disease the very next day by some people in Quebec, who had recently visited Hong Kong, where
this city was experiencing civil unrest. This demonstrates how fast the vibes travel (mentally) and
how swiftly its “highly contagious” aspect was grabbed by a fear-filled consciousness in Quebec.
We observe the same phenomenon of contagion with the more recent, mysterious outbreak of the
Coronavirus, also finding its origins in China where there is still civil turmoil and oppression. When
we are suggestible to certain worldly ideas, we are at risk of being hypnotized into thinking
something unreal is real (that is what hypnotism is) and then of manifesting what we believe is real,
given that the unawakened mind is highly suggestible.) In the phenomenal world, all sickness and
disease are explained by science and medicine through cause-and-effect reasoning, based on
“judging by appearances” and all the mistaken assumptions that accompany that perspective in the
human condition (of which Jesus advised us to beware); these reasons and incorrect assumptions,
in turn, influence us to arrive at false conclusions, which we then act upon.

In Metapsychiatry, epidemics are seen in a wholly (holy) different light. Hora reminds us: “We live in
a mental [not a physical] universe;” and in Metapsychiatry, we acknowledge that “
All problems are
psychological [finding their source in thought], and
all solutions are spiritual [realized and resolved
through spiritual understanding].” The solution to every problem — individual and global — is to
come to see some aspect of our already existing Oneness with the Divine Life; hence an existential
education and spiritualized viewpoint is needed in order eventually to abolish the idea from the
collective consciousness that contagion is physical. If we understand that contagion is mental, that
our minds have grabbed certain ideas which we can then manifest (because our thoughts tend to
take visible form as our experience), we can learn to transcend the “vibes” that potentiate diseases
and the collective experience of epidemics. For we have learned in Metapsychiatry that “Everything
depends upon the thoughts we entertain.” We are only safe and assured when we are consciously
dwelling in the Truth of the One Mind — It is our immunization against the ills of this world. In order
to stay tuned to the Truth of the Divine Reality and  protect our consciousness, we must be aware
to turn our attention quickly away from any threatening reports, such as those posed by an
epidemic or a pandemic, and turn instead to spiritual realities, i.e., for example, to contemplating
the powerful words of the 91st Psalm (the Meta “go-to” for divine shelter, or to some other
appropriate sacred text from the Bible, to the comforting words of Jesus, i.e., “Fear not, for I am
always with you,” or to a relevant Meta Prayer or Principle, like the
Prayer of Beholding or Principle
#1 or #10. In this way, we are lifted up out of the pervading fears to a transcendent and healing
viewpoint, to wholesome thought energies which wrap our consciousness in its protection. And,
finally, we must refuse any reality in suffering, disease, or imperfection — these belong to the
illusory world of appearances not to the Divine Reality, which God created, and which is entirely

Human beings are always looking for a cause outside of themselves for whatever unpleasant
experience they are having, something or someone to blame — a mosquito, or a tick, or a germ,
thee weather, food, polluted water, or a virus — and then the fear begins because we have
accepted the idea that there is a physical cause for our symptoms; and medical science confirms it
by treating the symptom, unaware that the symptom is just a message about a deeper issue. “
body is a sermon in the flesh,
” discerns MD Hora. All sicknesses really find their source in an
interaction thought — in consciousness — and that is also where they can be healed — in
consciousness and in examining its contents. Epidemics are not spread through the body but
through the presence of infectious
ideas, based on the fear that physical contact with an infected
person(s), might mean we too will “catch” this condition; and these infectious ideas circulate the
globe, seeking any unprotected consciousness that is vulnerable to receiving them. Hence it is that
we have epidemics. Our vulnerability is the consequence of our universal ignorance about the
nature and dynamic of sickness and health. Since we are all mostly conditioned by the same lens
and many of the same belief systems, these erroneous ideas about illness can take hold in the
collective consciousness and hypnotize us through fearfulness into believing them. “What we
believe is what we receive.” And Hora adds, “
Whatever we are afraid of tends to become an
.” As heretical as it seems, Metapsychiatry views contagion as mental — not as physical
— and Meta research helps us become invulnerable to a belief in contagion as real by inoculating
us with enlightened understanding, not medical remedies or vaccinations. Immunity is always in
consciousness and not in the body. The pervasive human belief in the idea that science can heal
and that vaccinations have power to dissolve a sickness or disease and keep it contained is what
influences the race consciousness to accept it as truth — and then, what can occur is that groups
of people are hypnotized by this belief and can often get well. This approach on the purely physical
level can be helpful in stemming the tide, because it helps people believe it is working — so it works
(for a while). That particular epidemic may disappear, but another will spring up because the
source of the dis-ease is not being treated in the right place. The problem with these cures is they
prove to be unreliable and do not endure. The injection of a serum is, at best, a temporary cure
until certain
infected thoughts, which have been veiled but not annihilated by an injection, find a
new entry point in another vulnerable consciousness or community of people; and then those
thoughts will morph into a new form of sickness and spread as a new disease with a new label. As
Hora once remarked, “
People reach for medicines, and no one learns anything spiritual.”

It is interesting to observe that epidemics tend to be spawned and flourish in places where people
are greatly suffering — in countries where there are repressive regimes, where there is
impoverishment, famine, or widespread despair, or in communities where there are severe
problems, gross injustices, and harsh living conditions; the prevailing thought-energies of the
captives of such cruel circumstances then manifest as certain symptoms. The symptoms are
described over and over, and go out over the airwaves as lethal vibes. And these distressing vibes,
as thought-energies, travel beyond any particular locale, and an epidemic is born. Because the
symptoms are impressed upon us, and consciousness is suggestible, we may then begin to
manifest these symptoms (coughs, asthma, bronchial difficulties, chills, nausea, headaches, fevers,
or a malaise in some form or other).  Consequently, we become hypnotized by the reports; the fear
increases, and “
that which [we] feared the most,” like Job, “has come upon us” (Job 3:25).) Our
thoughts manifest as our experience. This is the dynamic of disease and epidemics. Fear is the
enemy — not germs or viruses. From a metaphysical perspective, germs and viruses are merely
invasive thoughts, and if unchecked, can become virulent and then progress into virulent
manifestations, like the Bubonic Plague, the Spanish Flu, and Covid-19.  

Polluted conditions find their source in polluted ideas, not in physical bodies. A spiritual education
is what is needed — knowledge of our true identity as spiritual beings and of a Cosmic Power of
Infinite Goodness, governing us, and how to be in alignment with It at all times under all conditions.
We need a vaster horizon in order to see these truths. Until humankind awakens to its true divine
nature in the context of God, that is, in the context of a Transcendent, Perfect, Indestructible Life, it
will continue to seek solutions in the wrong places. If the scientific community and the medical
profession would be educated to know of Metapsychiatry’s methodology and thought system and if
we citizens of the globe would be universally taught to understand the dynamic that governs
sickness, disease, and contagion to be thought —
not germs or viruses — our minds would not be
infected, and the phenomena of epidemics would gradually disappear. (Metapsychiatry defines
germs and viruses as “invasive thoughts,” polluted thought-energies that enter our consciousness
from the world.) We could surmise that such a virulent appearance as Covid-19 would point to the
epidemic proportions we are witnessing in the virulent energies of hatred and violence which are
currently pervading our globe. However, unwholesome thoughts can be “treated” and cleansed
from our consciousness — it is not so difficult as it may seem. “
If you want to awaken all of
humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then
eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of
your own self-transformation
” (Lao-tze, ancient Chinese philosopher and founder of the Tao).

Finally, while medical treatment may offer relief and give people some pale hope, which can even
sometimes appear to change a condition, perhaps, one day, in the course of our collective
evolution, humanity will grasp the Truth-of-Being and realize effective spiritual solutions to illnesses
and diseases that actually heal us, a day when disease and epidemics will be finally obliterated.
That would be “METAcare” for all. And that blessed time can occur when “
the earth will be filled with
the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea
” (Hab 2:14). *  

*Epidemics are not strictly limited to physical illnesses. Dangerous and divisive ideas can take
visible form as all manner of undesirable, harmful, and destructive phenomena, i.e., as crime
waves, acts of violence, and surprise terrorist attacks, and these can also spread across the planet
like lightening and become widespread. Humankind is mostly aware that this kind of “contagion” is
communicated mentally — even though it, too, is called “viral.” It is generally accepted that such
tidal waves of wickedness, which can grow into destructive phenomena, are certainly
transmitted through the body but are “contagious” through certain damaging vibes traveling over
the world’s airwaves, which reach and influence those who are susceptible to them. (It is the same
dynamic where disease is concerned.) Words of hate and prejudice can impress a vulnerable
consciousness and then hypnotize it into heinous and murderous acts, such as occur in some
cults, or in the phenomenon of Islamic radicalization and its accompanying terrorist attacks; this
phenomenon is seen, too, in racial hostilities against African-American citizens, Hispanics, the
American Indian population, and other minorities, and in the antagonistic reactions inherent in
xenophobia, all of which we are witnessing and experiencing in the early 21st century in the USA
and abroad as well. But it is still the dark forces of  certain
ideas, and the -isms and -ologies, which
travel across the globe and disseminate, which can ultimately influence man’s consciousness to
become hateful, prejudicial, or fearful. And this ignorance, if unchecked, will circulate, escalate,
and become pandemic. Social media is a hot-bed of just such harmful and contagious ideas and
misinformation, which can and will take visible form as the unwelcome and disastrous phenomena
we are presently observing.

All italicized statements in quotation marks without attribution are direct quotes from
Thomas Hora ~ property of The MetaLexicon of Metapsychiatry, copyright Susan von
Reichenbach 2014. Please do not reprint without permission.
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