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the MetaWay
by Susan von Reichenbach

It seems Hippocrates, 5th century BCE Greek, a.k.a. "Father of Western Medicine," whose
name is memorialized in the Hippocratic oath, was on to the idea of Metapsychiatry's "mode
of being-in-the-world" and the importance of one’s mode of being concerning the dynamic
of illness and dis-ease. Reportedly, Hippocrates once observed:
"It is far more important
to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person
The correspondence between thought and symptom is quite plainly seen in this
enlightened statement. We could loosely draw the conclusion that Hippocrates had
glimpsed, maybe even realized, the mind-body connection: in other words, the
correspondence between thought and symptom. Perhaps he even understood that “ the
physical is mental" (Thomas Hora, MD), that the patient is not really the body, and that
even if the body were to be treated, the patient is, in truth, the contents of a "person's"
consciousness. The symptom is pointing to the patient’s need to understand some aspect
of spiritual truth in order to be healed.     
It is unfortunate that our government’s current health-care plan emphasizes an expectation
of sickness: it forecasts illness, disease and distressing diagnoses for its citizens. It
proposes a supposedly affordable remedy of drugs and medications as well as a
reasonable insurance coverage that supports the idea of harmful tests and invasive
procedures, often including painful surgery, all in an effort to maintain “health” at high cost
and overcome problems that really do not find their source in the body but in
consciousness. The assumption on which Obamacare, and all medical solutions are based,
is false. In Jesus’ words, it is “judging by appearances” — looking for the source of the
problem in the body where it appears to be, and not in consciousness, specifically, for the
thought/“mental equivalent” that is manifesting as the symptom. We, in Meta work, need to
be alert to Truth. The collective consciousness is being influenced by stories of all kinds of
scary pathology we might experience and for which we must have material solutions already
in place. Essentially, all the current distracting hype around “health care” has the effect of
placing us in a miasma of existentially invalid thoughts. It cannot be surprising to students
of Metapsychiatry that this health-care plan has been met with an absence of the “3 Es.” *

Our teacher gave us an axiom to realize:
“All problems [including sickness] are
psychological, and all solutions [including sickness] are spiritual”
(Thomas Hora, MD).  
While medical science certainly has its place in the scheme of worldly things and in man’s
evolving consciousness, the healing profession needs to be more discerning and prudent
about what it recommends, about what is compassionate and genuinely helpful and what is
finally crippling. Dr. Hora used to tell his students when they sought physical solutions for
their symptoms, ailments or illnesses:
“Do what you have to do, until you know what you
need to know.”
 He neither condoned nor criticized their vulnerability when they resorted to
reaching outside of themselves for a healing remedy, but, instead, compassionately urged
them to “know” more. He directed his students to grapple with the “Two Intelligent
Questions,” leading and teaching them to uncover the “meaning” and behold the “spiritual
counterfact,” where a healing could be realized without physical intervention, medications,
or surgery, ultimately and eventually blessing them with the gift of “overcoming the world”
through increasing spiritual understanding. It is this process of purification and gradual
ascension, overcoming ignorance problem by problem, through committed spiritual work
and existential learning, that keeps us safe and can maintain us in an harmonious
consciousness, a consciousness that reflects also in an overall sense of well-being.    

On the path to enlightenment, there is a need for more and more physicians to awaken to
see the correspondence between thought and symptom, to be educated in the spirit of
Metapsychiatry, so that these “care-givers” may become metaphysicians, physicians of the
soul, moving from the micro to the macro, gently guiding the suffering beyond the physical
to a spiritual viewpoint, away from fear to understanding, where the suffering can be
alleviated. We, in the Meta Community, can be instruments of Truth and Good, spiritualizing
the world’s viewpoint, by refuting the lie-messages circulating throughout the country,
breaking in consciousness the pictures and stories that are hypnotizing people into anxiety
and a fearfulness about eventual illness and disease with no recourse for healing but the
one proposed: a mandatory health insurance policy. Regardless of whether we want or
need it, we are being forced to carry “health insurance,” because the idea that we will need
it, that sickness is inevitable, is being strongly impressed upon the collective
consciousness. Unfortunately, “what we believe is what we receive.”  

Medicine has become a profit-driven business. We must protect ourselves from its
influences to have regular check-ups and take drugs.
“Checks-ups are not preventive —
they are invasive … When we rely on medications and drugs, no one learns anything
(Thomas Hora, MD). We must hold fast to dwelling, and beholding ourselves,
solely in the Divine (a non-material/non-physical) context of Perfection, as much as
possible, and not in the imperfections of our worldly context. Our “medicine” is always a
generous dose of spiritual truth, and “preventive medicine” for us is the regular practice of
prayer and meditation, the way we purge our consciousness of the toxic and harmful
“garbage” thoughts that can lead to pathology.  We need to consider Jesus’ directive:
“They that are whole [healthy] have no need of the physician [or check-ups], but they that
are sick”
(MK 2:17). “Enlightened understanding allows us the possibility to live
outside of threatening or harsh experiences”
(Thomas Hora, MD).

That the government’s position regarding material coverage to ensure “health” is
mandatory has worrisome consequences, not the least of them, a loss of our Constitutional
and God-given, “unalienable Rights.”*(2) But, in spiritual life, it is more egregious:  this
spiritual student sees the governmental intrusion as trespassing, even as subversive,
forcing individuals more and more into a Godless context, whether they are aware of it or
not, even though it claims compassionate concern. Ignorance is devious;  Satan is devious;
the antichrist ideation is devious. Ignorance is always operating, nonpersonally, trolling for
any consciousness, individual or institutional, that will allow it entry, so that it can sabotage
knowledge of the Power and Good of God. This is what we are witnessing: the presence of
nonpersonal ignorance, influencing the national consciousness to live in a strictly material

Unless a consciousness is sufficiently spiritualized, it cannot discern what is really
happening and will be vulnerable to the suggestions of the antichrist. “Beware ”— Be aware
— Jesus advised us (of what’s really going on). It should be here noted that The Affordable
Health Care Act is the consequence (not the “cause”) of the collective expectation and
demand that we have immediate relief for all our physical ills. Any kind of medical treatment
available to give us temporary cures, any palliatives to veil our fears of ageing and dying,
are acceptable; and, worse, we have become litigious if the outcome we desire is not
Because the current and all health care issues are based on a misperception of the true
nature of physical problems, Obamacare is in danger of creating exactly what it claims it
wants to avoid: a citizenry of sick and dysfunctional people, over-medicated and
mesmerized into believing that illness is real, often “incurable,” and that all manner of
physical problems must be treated only through the body.*(3) (And this is a far cry from
Christ’s loaded question to the sick and infirm: “Do you want to be healed?”)

“The mind and the body are not separate entities: the body is the mind [externalizing]
and the mind is the body — in the end, there is only mind … Health is spiritual
(Thomas Hora, MD).  


*(1) The presence of the “3 Es”—“effortless, efficient, effective”— is a palpable sign that
our ideas and work are in harmony with One Mind, serving Its Will.   

*(2) In Encounters with Wisdom/
I, Chapter 2, on p. 33, Dr. Hora, over 20 years ago,
presciently posed the question:
“Is there anything in the American Constitution, by the
Founding Fathers of the United Sates of America, that [dictates] we have to go for a check-
What a remarkable statement!  Dr. Hora was apparently once again so aware, as he
was of so many harmful trends and tendencies in the world, of the medical profession’s,
and even eventually the government’s, to influence us away from the healing power of

*(3) Suggested reading: “Healing through Spiritual Understanding” by Thomas Hora, MD. ~
available for free download on