“Be happy and content with your universal nature…  
Never be bewildered by any transitory phenomena.  
Steadfastly keep pace
with the subtle, eternal, divine energy within and without.”  
— Lao-tze
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Introduction to Meta Prayers and Principles
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The idea for this booklet arises from a long-held vision to collect
Metapsychiatry’s Prayers and Principles into one manageable binding.
The first draft of this booklet was completed in 1995 and was endorsed
by Dr. Hora at that time. The prayers, principles and meditations
contained in this book were conceived by Dr. Hora, and are recorded
here exactly as he spoke or wrote them. The commentaries which
appear under each entry have been gathered over the years from Dr.
Hora’s writings and classes and from private dialogues; they also include
relevant insights and inspirations that occurred during the arranging of
this material. At all times, I have endeavored to reflect the purity and
spirit of Metapsychiatry’s sacred and precisely articulated ideas. This
collection is intended to be a reference book to facilitate the practical
use of Metapsychiatry’s spiritual lifelines, “a very present help in trouble”
(Ps. 46:1), which these Prayers and Principles offer to everyday

Metapsychiatry proposes that we are not what we seem to be – physical
persons with minds and wills of our own, living in a dimensional, concrete
reality; in truth, we are experiencing a collective dream in an illusory
world. What seems to be real is not, and what is elusive and invisible is.
The discoveries of quantum physics support this understanding and
have opened the way to a new view of the universe: this view postulates
that we live in a holographic structure – a realm of potentialities and
frequencies underlying an illusion of concreteness. Our limited
perception interprets the universe as material and finite, but quantum
physics describes it as a collective energy field – a huge “web of energy”
– vibrating too fast for us to discern or register with our human senses.  
In quantum existence, there is no solidity – the universe is just a vast
ocean of waves of infinite energy. This universal, conscious, intelligent
energy Field is an enormous flowing whole – what physicist David Bohm
called the holomovement: “Life is …an unbroken wholeness in flowing
movement.” Bohm also identified this movement as “nonlocal” – it
underlies, surrounds, overlays and interpenetrates the ordinary world of
our experience. It can neither be confined by a location, nor is there any
place where it is not. In other words, it points to the existence of an
Omnipresent Power. Bohm’s work maintains that this “Infinite Field” is
everywhere – organizing and directing the energy of spirit, inside of us
and outside of us. It pulses in and fills our manifest reality. In the end, It
is the only Reality. Empedocles, Greek philosopher and poet of 400 BC
and follower of Pythagoras, grasped quantum reality before it was
discovered with these words: “God is an intelligible sphere whose center
is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere [now here].”
Because of its “nonlocal” and indestructible (therefore, eternal) nature,
this Reality is beyond time, space or matter. And because of its
“nonlocal” and indestructible (therefore, eternal) nature, all the
knowledge of this vast intelligence “Field” is available to us in Its entirety
at every moment in time, space or matter. This Field of Intelligence and
Presence far transcends the known physical universe. It is the realm
which the ancient Hindu scriptures and quantum physics call “the realm
of consciousness.”

Quantum physics has shown us that if any piece of a hologram is
broken, that piece will reconstruct the entire image. The part reflects the
whole, and the entire whole is in every part. Dr. Hora explained it
metaphorically: the ocean is in the wave and the tree is in the leaf. In
other words, the holographic aspect of consciousness reveals that we, in
our finite state, contain the Infinite. The entire Kingdom of God is within
each of Its individuations, or, said another way, each of us is the Allness
of God made individually manifest. Just as every tiny seed has within it
its own invisible, “infinite organizing power” to realize the fulfillment of its
creation in its entirety, so does each individual spiritual consciousness
have the divine potential to realize the entire fulfillment of its perfection,
the purpose for which it was created. Mostly we live in finite experiences
and a sense of limitation. But, actually, the realm of our potential is
infinite. We can see the greatness of our hidden entirety in the tiny
acorn which conceals the possibility of the mighty oak. We must know
this potential exists in us also, so that we can choose to uncover it. Thus,
we can remain an acorn or become an oak tree.  If we can awaken to live
from the vastness of this Infiniteness, this Allness – wherein the
perfection of what is within us can be made visible without, wherein we
are bringing the Infinite substance of this spiritual Order into the finite
material order of the world – we will be consciously dwelling in the
Kingdom of God, right here and now, as Christ exemplified. “Seek ye first
his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these [needed] things shall
be yours as well” (Mt. 6:33) indicates that seeing God’s underlying
perfect realm as accessible to us in its entirety, at any point of our
evolution, is the way to the disappearance of all self-concerns and the
appearance of every needed thing. There is nothing lacking or missing
in Reality – there is no shortage – just pure generosity. There is no past
or future in this Kingdom, only the Eternal Now. There is no punishment
or reward in this Kingdom, only unconditional Love. This Kingdom is
eternally and spontaneously expressing nondual goodness and
intelligent, inspired ideas. “No need to ask You for anything. Does
anyone ask the sun for light?” (Rumi). There is no-thing to do – only
truth to behold. “It is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”  (Lk.
12:32). It is Metapsychiatry’s aim to awaken us to see what already exists
and to teach us to pray correctly in order to materialize “the Kingdom” on

Quantum physics points us to behold the “(w)holiness” of all things. And
the hologram gives us a wonderful demonstration that wherever there
seems to be only a fragment or a piece, the wholeness is hidden within
it. Fractal geometry also reveals that deeply embedded within universal
structures are a series of complete replicas of the original. For instance,
if we look closely at the magnification of a fern we will see that each of its
fronds reflects the entire fern; each frond contains a miniature version of
the whole fern. These images point us to an apparently hidden, but
powerful, truth: God’s creation is imparting the liberating message to us
everywhere throughout the earth, that each of us as an “image” and
“likeness” of God already contains the wholeness (or entire Kingdom) of
God.  Metapsychiatry posits that this understanding was the secret of
Jesus’ healing power. He was able to see the entirety in the fragment. He
was able to behold an individual as God saw him or her, not as an
afflicted person, but in the entirety of his or her wholeness and divine
perfection. The clarity of this seeing was, in turn, able to dissolve any
invalid thought which was manifesting as an affliction. A problem or
illness is abolished when confronted with the truth-of-being – the truth of
our wholeness/holiness, our already-existing spiritual oneness with
perfect infinite Life which is God. (Principle #10 of Metapsychiatry is
based on this understanding.) The key to grasping this truth is to see
there is no separation in all existence. There are no separate minds or
separate powers anywhere – only the One Mind, the One Intelligence,
the One Love, One Power and One Life, and It flows perfectly to and
through each of us as Its emanations, if our consciousness is available
to It. All that is ever lacking when we are experiencing a problem or
sickness is our ability in that moment to see the underlying perfection of
divine Reality – the “holomovement” or whole – which is obscured by the
illusion of separation and a world of concreteness and phenomena.
When we are able to behold Reality, we become a “new creation” (II Cor.
5:17). When we catch a glimpse of Perfection, through prayer, inspired
intuition or right understanding, in that “holy instant,” we can be healed
or transformed, just by contact with the Allness. This dynamic clarifies a
rebirth experience. It is at this point of understanding that the discoveries
of the quantum domain become exhilarating to seekers, supporting what
enlightened teachers and mystics have intuitively imparted to humanity
through the ages. Sacred and scientific approaches are becoming one,
pointing to the same revelation – there is only One Existence. And we,
as “nonlocal consciousness,” already exist in It and It in us. Awakening to
behold God’s wholeness everywhere in everything, we are filled with the
light of truth, emanating the highest frequencies possible. This activity
blesses us, the world around us and planet Earth.

Metapsychiatry’s goal is enlightened and harmonious existence –
heaven on earth, here and now. Its Prayers and Principles help us to
identify what is real and what is unreal through its juxtaposition of ideas
and its understanding of the truth-of-being. Contemplating and coming
to understand these Prayers and Principles can open us to discover our
precious divine identity and our “built-in intentionality” to manifest to the
fullest our inherent spiritual essence. Metapsychiatry’s aim is always to
orient us toward existentially valid modes of thought, and, thus, to
spiritualize consciousness so that we can realize, here and now, our
already existing wholeness. These profound, yet simply stated, spiritual
laws and principles offer valid responses to everyday phenomena,
helping us “overcome the world” and its low-level hypnotic suggestions.
They enable us to move through the difficulties and confusion of the
human condition with more ease by making use of every experience to
cleanse our consciousness and thereby gradually ascend out of our
limited sense perception and mental constructs. In this way, we can find
the Kingdom of God within.

Susan von Reichenbach
Spring 2006
the MetaWay